April 13, 2021

Deeksha | Wharton, CBS & LBS

One of the key reasons I chose Scott was the fact that he individually had a great track record and that I got to directly work with him, unlike other firms who had multiple consultants and there was the ambiguity of whether I would get a good consultant to work with.

Scott has great clarity on how to approach the application for each of the schools and also offers great flexibility in the entire process. He made the entire process simple and easy to tackle, helping me apply to 6 schools in a satisfactory manner with time to spare (some other consultants I spoke with said the process is so complicated I could at max apply to 4 schools). The ability to apply to more schools reduced my risk of not getting admitted anywhere, and hence reduced the pressure on the entire process. Scott is very responsive and ensures he gets back for all communication within 2 days, even during weekends and holidays.

Scott’s clear approach uniquely tailored to each school helped me get into LBS, CBS, and Wharton. I wouldn’t have had the success I have without Scott’s guidance.