April 13, 2021

Jason | Booth, Kellogg & Darden

Jason MBA Coach Success Story

I began working with Personal MBA Coach for early planning conversations approximately a year before applying in Round 1. From our earliest interactions, I knew I wanted to work with them during the application process. The other consultants I spoke with were great, but Scott and his team struck the perfect balance between believing I could get into my dream schools and giving me the straight-talk I needed to strengthen my candidacy.

They helped me craft a compelling narrative that seamlessly connected my less traditional path within the financial industry to my post-MBA career goals. When my choice of essay topics was weak, they helped me change my approach to highlight examples that were more impactful and tailored specifically to the school to which I was applying. And when the interview invites arrived, they helped me prepare my story in a way that made my candidacy “come to life” in the virtual interview setting.

Despite the challenges I posed as a client (e.g., second-guessing essay topics late in the process), the Personal MBA Coach team was patient and exceedingly responsive to my concerns and anxieties as the deadlines quickly approached. They helped me remain confident and focused on getting through the application process.

Personal MBA Coach makes what can be an extremely challenging process seem easy. With their partnership, I was accepted to three top US programs. I highly recommend partnering with Personal MBA Coach for the business school application process.