Scott Edinburgh
August 26, 2015

HBS Class of 2017 Stats Revealed: How Do You Match Up?

Harvard Business School released information about the class of 2017 showing that it got a little bit harder to get into HBS. While 12% of applicants were accepted who applied for the class of 2016, only 11% got in this time around. Of those who got in, 91% decided to enroll this year, up from 89% for the previous three years. That means that less than 100 applicants got into HBS who turned it down. 265 different universities are represented, including 130 from the US, showing that once again applicants from a wide range of schools were able to demonstrate their leadership experience and potential.

If you work in venture capital / private equity or consulting, you would find many others like you walking through Aldrich Hall.  1/3 of the incoming class comes from one of those industries. The average age remained consistent at 27 and the median GMAT was 730.

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