Scott Edinburgh
June 9, 2017

HBS Class of 2019 Stats Released!

Curious what it takes to get into HBS? Harvard Business School just released its preliminary stats ( for the class of 2019 and with an acceptance rate of just 11%, the class is pretty impressive. Harvard strives for an extremely diverse class and a look at the pre-MBA career profile confirms there is no one ideal background admission.

Not surprisingly, consultants represent the highest % of future students, yet former consultants still only account for 16% of the class. This is followed very closely by those with a background in private equity/venture capital and high tech/communications. Other industries are fairly evenly represented and 5% of the class has a military background.

Similarly, the class is geographically and culturally diverse with 35% international students from 70 countries. 26% are of US Ethnic minorities, though this is actually lower than seen recently in some other M7 schools. Females account for 42% of the class. Finally, median GMAT was 730 and HBS average GPA an impressive 3.71 for the HBS class. Finally, take a look at how many undergraduate schools send students to HBS! (Data is slightly old but still representative)

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