Scott Edinburgh
September 22, 2015

HBS Round One Interview Dates Released

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about when Harvard Business School will send out their interview invites. Luckily HBS is always clear about the process and Dee posted a very useful update today!

HBS will send out interview invites in three batches for round one:

October 6

October 8

October 14

On October 14, candidates who did not receive an interview invite will also be notified. If you don’t get an invite on the first day, do not panic! Plenty of applicants are notified on all three dates.

2+2 candidates will all hear on October 14.

Round One interviews will take place between October 26 and November 20.

Interviews will take place on-campus and in New York City, Palo Alto, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, and Santiago. Skype is available for those unable to travel.

Want to be ready when you get the invite?

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Click below for the full post on HBS’ Director’s blog