Early MBA Planning Services


What can you do NOW to ensure you get into your dream schools in the next 6 months to 3 years?


The best thing you can do to improve your candidacy is to plan ahead and make all of the right decisions in the time leading up to your applications. Our early planning clients have stellar acceptance and scholarship success rates. You are already taking the first step by coming here.

What is included in the early MBA planning package?


Personal MBA Coach’s early MBA planning package includes the following components to help set you up for success:


  • Initial 60-Minute Discussion: Once you sign up for Personal MBA Coach’s early MBA planning services, the process will begin with an initial 60-minute discussion. This gives us an opportunity to connect and learn about your background, education, work experience, and extracurricular activities.


  • Recommended Changes: Personal MBA Coach will propose recommended changes to strengthen your profile based on the information gathered in the preliminary discussion. These suggested changes include strategic job and extracurricular advice.


  • Recommended Target School List: Personal MBA Coach will provide you with a recommended target school list. This list will be adjusted accordingly as your experience and GMAT / GRE score changes. On average, Personal MBA Coach clients ultimately apply to five to seven schools to maximize their chances of success.


  • Strategic Plan: You will receive a strategic plan to follow from now until when you intend to apply. Whether you want to begin the application process in six months or three years, your plan will be tailored to your specific goals. This planning includes four 30-minute follow-up calls to adjust your approach as needed.


  • Ad-Hoc Job Advice: Personal MBA Coach will provide you with ad-hoc job advice as needed when changes and/or promotions present themselves.

​Who should take advantage of early MBA planning?

If you know you want to pursue an MBA but are not ready to begin your application journey just yet, Personal MBA Coach’s early MBA planning services are a great way to start preparing for the future. Through our strategic guidance, you will be better equipped to start the application process and navigate it successfully.

When should you sign up?

If you know business school is in your future, it is never too early to get started. Strengthening your candidacy takes time, and Personal MBA Coach wants to help you go through the process as seamlessly as possible. To learn more about how to set yourself up for application success, schedule a free consultation with Personal MBA Coach today.

How much does the service cost?

We offer our early MBA planning services at a flat rate of $1,995.

To help further strengthen your candidacy, Personal MBA Coach offers customized tutoring services to help you reach your goals. Like our admissions consulting services, our tutoring is boutique, meaning the level of support and personalization is unmatched.

If are interested in beginning the application process right away, take a look at our comprehensive packages to learn more.

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