claire cahill
April 5, 2022

M7 Admit

I was referred to Scott by a friend who applied in the 2020 cycle and got admitted to an M7. Right from my first “getting to know you” session, Scott was very direct and honest about my candidacy and MBA prospects, which I really appreciated. I did not have the best scores on paper, but Scott and the team pushed beyond that. The team helped me carve out and perfect my story and resume to show that I was more than just the sum of my numbers. The team helped me identify certain anecdotes from my life and helped me turn them into cases for competency in business school. There is a certain way to craft business school essays, and the PMC team knows exactly what it is and what specific schools are looking for. The whole process was so smooth and well planned that I completed all my applications well before the deadlines.

After countless essay reviews, one on one calls and emails, the team also assisted me with interview prep and gave valuable feedback, ensuring that I was in peak performance.

While I initially had concerns about the price tag, I am ultimately glad I did it. I highly recommend Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team!