Darya Smirnova
January 29, 2024

8 Schools Admit w $888K in Scholarships

Scott is so knowledgeable and helpful. He possesses so much insight and helpful tips as well as strategies for navigating so many nuances and parts of the process. I appreciated the ways in which he challenged me to fine-tune my materials. For example, in essay writing, I really benefited from how he pushed me to draw connections from my professional/community experiences to what I (at the time as an applicant/prospective) can do on campus in student groups/complement the school’s values and social environment. Furthermore, I appreciated the guidance I received in the interview stage. I received help with some questions I had some difficulty on. In addition, the feedback was very specific/line-by-line and I received guidance on how to structure/organize my thoughts and responses to enhance my concision. I highly recommend him.