Darya Smirnova
June 26, 2023

Chicago Booth ’25

It was such a pleasure to work with Scott through my deferred application process. I had the opportunity to compare my own application process with those of my friends, who used other top consulting firms for their deferred process. It turns out that Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team totally outperformed those big name firms in almost all aspects. No useless and lengthy pre-application personal reflections, no delayed email response, very targeted service for each school, and highly candid and critical feedback for every single word I wrote in my application essays. The most important thing I would highlight here is the multiple systematic and in-depth rounds of essay revisions. I highly recommend deferred applicants to hire Scott as their consultants (as early as possible, as I started my process 18 months before the application deadline) since from my personal experiences, I don’t see anyone else doing the same level of work as Scott does.