Darya Smirnova
January 8, 2024

Chicago Booth, Kellogg & Michigan Ross ’26 Admit w $30K Scholarship

I had a great experience working with Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team. When I met with Scott, he immediately understood how to translate my niche experience to MBA admissions committees and took the time to explore my goals and interests to help me craft my best applications. Scott also kept me accountable with frequent reminders and his team really pushed me to do my best work when writing essays. The team made sure that I moved through each of the application components in a timely manner while making sure to only move onto the next component when the current one was at its best. I also encountered some personal circumstances during the process and took a pause for a few months. When I contacted Scott to resume working on my applications, he was eager to help me and it genuinely felt like he cared about my success. I would recommend Scott to anyone applying to business school but especially to those who need an accountability partner and are less familiar with the process. I was accepted to all three schools to which I applied.