April 13, 2021

Chicago Booth

Scott was an absolutely amazing resource throughout the application process. When I first started working with Scott, I hadn’t hit my desired GMAT/GRE score and he was upfront and candid about what was realistic considering my score at that time. I really appreciated that he didn’t pander but was honest and constructive in his feedback. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable on the nuance of what each school is looking for and he gave me great advice for tailoring my story accordingly. His comments on my essays were always very constructive and helped me to think about my message from an outsider’s perspective. He was always really quick to respond, and I felt like I got a tailored, personal approach rather than a one size fits all package.

I also utilized the mock interviews, which were definitely a game-changer for me. Post mock interview feedback was again constructive and candid and was a great way to practice that I wouldn’t have done on my own. Mocks gave me a lot more confidence going into the real interviews.

I got into some really great schools and will be attending Booth in the fall. I definitely accredit my success to the support I received from Scott. Would 100% recommend him!