claire cahill
March 30, 2022

Columbia Business School ’24

I absolutely recommend working with Scott and the whole PMC team. The amount of detail and thought put into every aspect of the application is quite incredible. Scott and his team were very easy to work with throughout the process.

He will keep pushing you until your goals statement (can be used in multiple goal essays across schools) and essays are absolutely top-notch and gold star. We went through 9-10 rounds of edits for my CBS essays!

Scott and his PMC team leave the best part for the last – the mock interview prep. The interview prep is spot on with questions that a specific school might ask. The mock interview is conducted by either a former Adcom member part of his team (Nicole or MJ) or by an alum of the school you are interviewing for. You are given a customized interview guide for each school with a set of questions with the highest probability of being asked, sometimes even an insider guide about what the school expects the interviewer to test, and a general master list of possible MBA interview questions. Post-interview, you receive detailed feedback on where you could do better.

I had multiple rejections in Round 2 last year. However, as someone who went through the application process again – reapplied to some schools and applied first time to some others (CBS was a new school for me) – I could see the noticeable difference in my resume, essays, and application after working with Scott.

Working with Scott and the PMC team was worth it as CBS has awarded me a $100k+ scholarship!