Darya Smirnova
January 8, 2024

Columbia Business School’26

I approached Scott & team with a very short list of M7 schools I was interested in. They wasted no time in helping come up with a story that was authentic to me and compelling from the lens of adcoms. I ended up with 1 admit and 1 waitlist, which is a great outcome given I only applied to schools I would be thrilled to attend (all can be considered “reach” schools). I really enjoyed watching my story take shape through the multiple rounds of edits with his team; and thought they struck a great balance between the specificity of the edits and still letting me tell my own story. I was proud of the final version of the essays I submitted and really felt like my admission spoke to a great fit between me and this program. Scott & team were also instrumental in my interview prep process, for both individual and team-based interviews. Interviewers for the mock interviews were extremely knowledgeable and provided super thorough feedback afterwards to help me better prepare. I felt ready for the actual interviews.