claire cahill
November 10, 2021


I first met Scott at his PMC booth in an MBA tour. Coming from a non-traditional background, I had very limited knowledge in business/interaction with the MBA community. Scott walked me through my resume patiently and professionally; I then decided to work with PMC. Scott may initially suggest you to apply for some top programs and some other programs to secure your seat in MBA. My advice to new applicants is: Don’t be discouraged to apply for your dream schools!

Because I was struggling to achieve high GMAT score, he also offered a great GMAT coach with weeks of intensive lessons which helped me pass the threshold. I then started to focus on essay editing. PMC team is very professional that they know how to proofread your essay to make it presentable to the MBA admission officers; however, you have to prepare your own stories. They don’t feed you the fish but give you the pole to teach you how to fish.

In fact, I got one rejection and one waitlist last year (submitted in Round 3/4) and Scott instructed me to write a follow-up email, though I did not obtain a seat in the end (but perhaps left a good impression to the school). I am successfully admitted to two schools on my second try (applied by myself in Round 1 this time)! Looking back, I would not have gone this far without PMC team. I am truly glad I met Scott in the beginning of my MBA journey.