April 13, 2021


I strongly recommend Scott for those seeking efficient, personable, and incredibly valuable advice on how to navigate the incredibly daunting MBA process. While it is a huge financial commitment (I went all in for 3 schools) to use a consultant and I was initially hesitant, it was worth EVERY cent and I would use the Personal MBA Coach team again in a heartbeat.

They are a team that will provide direct and honest feedback, help you refine and strengthen your narrative/essays, and consistently respond to drafts well before the agreed-on 2-day timeline. They will not spend countless hours on the phone with you but will answer emails on every component of the application process very quickly and truly are supportive. Different from my terrible experience with one of the largest consulting companies before I found Scott, the Personal MBA Coach team actually CARED about ME personally, and treated me as a human rather than a data point. Despite my initial conversations with the large, most popular consulting company who told me my school selection was unrealistic, after applying to 3 schools with the help of the Personal MBA Coach team, I got into Ross with a full ride and Kellogg with just over half of my tuition covered. I was also wait-listed at Duke. I am very grateful to the Personal MBA team for making my experience successful and am overjoyed to start my MBA at Kellogg next year!