claire cahill
July 28, 2021

Wharton EMBA

Reaching out to Personal MBA Coach to help me through my MBA application process was the best decision. I didn’t have any understanding of which programs were the best fit for me, where to start, and what strategy would help me achieve my goals. Not only did he help to select the right EMBA schools but also helped to prepare a plan which helped me to navigate through my story preparation, Executive Assessment prep, connecting my story to essays and finally helping me to prepare interviews. Without any background in GMAT/EA it took me only 2 months to polish my quant and verbal skills. Sasha was an exceptional tutor who helped to overcome my test-taking issues. That helped me to score a perfect quant!!

In addition to that, I was amazed with the promptness, precise and right feedback I received on my essays. The team pushed me hard to produce the right content!!! Richard helped me in my interview preparation, which was very helpful. Throughout the application process, Scott was always one email away and guided me through the process. I got accepted into the Best EMBA program and that made me realized that all the hard work and effort with the entire team of Personal MBA Coach was worth it!