HBS Interview Prep & Post-Interview Reflection Support


Congrats! You received an HBS interview invite. Now comes the most important part, acing it. Why leave this to chance? Your entire application will be analyzed prior to your HBS interview and your interviewer will ask you very detailed questions, focusing on weak areas of your application. Why not go through a dry run and let our HBS graduate and mock interviewer focus on your weakest parts? We bring years of experience and the ability to predict the types of questions you will get on the interview day. Then we prepare you to answer them effectively. 

HBS also requires a post-interview reflection to be submitted within 24 hours. This should be written in an email format.

HBS Mock Interview

  • HBS interview guide with past questions asked (updated in real-time with this year's questions once interviews begin)

  • Tips & tricks for mastering the HBS interview - learn what they are looking for and how to deliver!

  • Individualized questions based on your profile - Where will they drill down? 

  • 1-hour mock interview with detailed feedback

HBS Post-Interview Reflection Support

  • Interview discussion to review the highlights and brainstorm key takeaways 

  • Strategic advice for crafting the response including the main themes to address and key points to consider

  • Reflection email review within 24 hours including comments on execution

Schedule a session so we can give you expert advice and the interview questions you will actually get.

Your application will be reviewed beforehand and you will leave with the confidence to succeed on that crucial day.


Harvard Business School

Interview / Reflection Package           

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