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“Founded in 2008 by Scott Edinburgh, the firm has helped hundreds of applicants find their way into highly selective MBA programs. He alone has 228 five-star ratings in the Poets&Quants‘ directory.

– Poets&Quants


Founded by a Wharton MBA and MIT Sloan graduate who sits on the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants Board of Directors, Personal MBA Coach is consistently ranked #1 or #2, currently the #1 most positively reviewed MBA admissions consultant on Poets&Quants.

Our MBA Admissions Consulting team (including former M7 admissions directors, the industry’s leading tutors and former M7 interviewers) has helped hundreds of MBA applicants around the world get into their target schools since 2008.

Whether you want help developing your profile and selecting schools or you have already drafted your MBA application essays, our proprietary approach and insider knowledge will help you to transform your application and strategy.

Work one-on-one with an expert admissions consultant to navigate all aspects of the MBA application process from start to finish including early planning, GMAT/GRE/EA tutoring, application strategy, school selection, essay editing and mock interviews.

Why Personal MBA Coach?

At Personal MBA Coach, we have 17 years of consulting experience, helping clients to reach their MBA goals with a 96% success rate. Our clients earned over $10 million in scholarships last year. We are consistently rated #1 as the most positively reviewed US consultant of all time for MBA admissions consulting on Poets&Quants and were named the Top Boutique MBA Admissions Consulting Firm in 2023. Get started with personalized admissions support today.

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1:1 Admissions Consulting


Personal MBA Coach, with a team of former MBA Admissions Directors and admissions interviewers, is here to support you with all aspects of your MBA and graduate school admissions process.

Our MBA admissions consulting services include Early Planning, GMAT/GRE/EA Tutoring, Comprehensive MBA Application Help and Support through our Comprehensive Packages, MBA Application Review, Interview Preparation and More!

Personalized, comprehensive MBA admissions consulting services on your schedule.

Comprehensive MBA Packages

Our comprehensive consulting packages include unlimited support. We start by outlining your goals and give you frank insider feedback along the way to help you develop MBA application essays that beat your peers. We work very closely together through every step of the admissions process until you decide what admission offer to accept.
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Tutoring Services

Whether you are just beginning the test prep process or you want more personalized help, you have come to the right place! Our industry leading GMAT tutors and GRE tutors (think 770-800, way more than most firm’s 99th percentile) can help you overcome weaknesses and teach you new tricks.
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Early MBA Planning Services

Find out what you can do NOW to ensure you get into your target schools in the next 4 months to 3 years. If you know you want to pursue an MBA or specialized masters but are not ready to begin your application journey just yet, Personal MBA Coach’s early planning services are a great way to start preparing...
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EMBA Packages

If you are looking for an Executive MBA Coach, Personal MBA Coach is here to guide you! We have placed applicants into all of the top global EMBA programs with a near perfect success rate. Personal MBA Coach’s Executive MBA admissions consulting services are tailored to EMBA applicants yet include all elements of our Comprehensive Packages.
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MBA Interview Preparation

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Deferred MBA Packages

Are you a high achieving college senior/graduate school student looking to secure an admission to a top MBA program before graduating? Personal MBA Coach’s Deferred MBA Application Packages offer the same level of support included in our Comprehensive Packages, but with guidance tailored to deferred MBA applicants.
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One Time Gut Check

Ideal for candidates who already completed their application but want to be sure they are ready to submit. Your MBA resume, application essays and short answers will be reviewed to make sure they tell the right story, flow well together, and are polished enough to maximize the chances of getting an interview.
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Waitlist Strategy and Post-Acceptance Support

Got placed on the waitlist? Not sure what to do? Getting accepted off the waitlist can be tricky, and even understanding what is possible is often hard to figure out. The key in developing your MBA waitlist strategy is to know exactly what you should do and NOT DO, which varies based on the school and your individual situation.
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MBA Ding Analysis Services

Rejected from your target school and want to know why? Check out Personal MBA Coach’s MBA Ding Analysis. Whether you know your application was weak but are uncertain what is most important to change, or you are truly shocked and do not know where to begin, Personal MBA Coach will review your entire application and tell you what likely...
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Client Testimonials

6 SCHOOL '22 ADMIT W/ $550K

Looking back on my MBA application journey, I can say with certainty that the best decision I made was to hire Personal MBA Coach. I ended up getting into every single school that I applied to with many full rides. Scott’s expertise, dedication, transparency, and most importantly, patience, allowed for my lofty goals to become a reality. As I was searching for a consultant, I was given an important piece of advice: while consultants can be expensive, so is business school. This decision can make all the difference in the long run. I speak with conviction when I say that you won’t regret hiring Personal MBA Coach.

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— Harvard Business School ’22 with $550K

Fabulous! As a non-native English speaker, I was very worried about applications. Besides putting me at ease, Scott helped me in my crazy dream to attend a top US business school. I didn't know it was possible to get so close to someone personally who is on the other side of the world (11.5 hr time difference), but Scott made it work and got me into Stanford. Every single detail is scrutinized by Scott, even the thank-you letters after the interview. My only regret is not listening to him when he told me to apply to fewer schools. I applied to 7 schools and got into 6 of them. Don't even think about using anybody else. Call Scott before he books up, you won't regret it.

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— Stanford GSB
Class of 2022

During the early stages of my search, I spoke with several consultants who worked for and promised the resources of a large organization. However, on my call with Scott, he promised me that he would personally review every aspect of my application – from the conversation about picking schools to getting the admit call – and he absolutely did! Writing essays with Scott was incredibly easy – he challenged me to find my motivations and the right personal stories to demonstrate them. He had significant knowledge on what each school was looking for and helped guide my writing accordingly. Although Scott will not write your essays for you, he will push you by asking the right questions and make the writing process much more genuine and engaging. I was eventually admitted to 3 M7 schools and 1 T15 (half-ride) with a mediocre GPA, which speaks volumes about Scott's methods. I would...

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— Kellogg
Class of 2021

Trying to find an ideal MBA coach is a tricky partnership. You need to find someone who is honest, understandable, and is able to work with you to be as creative as possible. I had interviewed a few coaches and instantly felt the connection with Scott. As I made a decision to apply very late into the year and was very close to deadlines, Scott was very specific on the schools that I could potentially get into. As I had a very interesting background, I had gone ahead and wrote my life history – which gave him insight to really dive deep to see what I wanted. He then helped me be more specific with my background and overall achievements and fine-tuned things that were needed to make me a great candidate for these programs. I got tutoring for my EA exam as well as interview coaching. I ended...

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— MIT Sloan

Coming from Europe with little knowledge about the US admissions process and what it takes to get in, I googled and ultimately contacted six admissions consultants. Scott and his team were by far the best – the personal touch in the very first conversation makes you quickly feel at ease. Even within our first conversation, he could already tell where I should put my focus and suggested a timeline I should pursue. He always pushed me to deliver quick turnaround times to 'consume' my mind and craft the best possible essay. With his incredible turnaround time of usually less than 24 hours, it was amazing to see how my essays completely transformed from ’something’ to ‘great’ while still clearly being my own. I am now attending my dream school, Stanford GSB, something that would not have been possible without this fantastic help. Stop looking, hire Personal MBA Coach -...

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— Stanford GSB

Personal MBA Coach was an incredibly smart and rewarding investment. Scott couldn't have been more helpful and supportive throughout the entire application process. He took the time to understand my whole story and helped solidify my ideas into a very compelling narrative. …. He truly made this whole application process much less daunting and I can’t thank him enough for that. I would enthusiastically recommend Personal MBA Coach and can’t speak highly enough of Scott. Thanks for everything!

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— Chicago Booth
Class of 2022

I highly recommend working with Scott and the team! In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable about each school’s admissions process, Scott spent the time to listen and internalize my story. Ultimately, he helped me to identify and highlight my most relevant experiences to appeal to each school. Personal MBA Coach is also extremely organized and has fantastic response times. To that end, after deciding to apply very late in the process, I applied to 5 schools in an approximate 45-day span and finished with plenty of time to spare. The team kept me on track with specific due dates for requesting (and following up on) recommendations, brainstorming, and submitting essay drafts. Finally, Scott found the time to jump on impromptu calls to calm my nerves more than once. I was accepted at my dream school and could not be more pleased with my experience working with Personal MBA Coach.

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— Wharton
Class of 2022

If you're going to hire a consultant, hire Scott. Hands down, he was the most straightforward and helpful of the 10+ consultants I spoke with on the phone for initial intro calls. He also always kept his word and was very responsive, kind, and fair. I was hesitant to hire a consultant at first, but after speaking with him (and meeting him in person at an MBA fair - a huge plus, as he does speaking engagements across the country), I knew I had made the right choice. From day 1, Scott was a value add and clearly very smart, and really helped me craft the best possible version of my story. He will not do the work for you but will guide you towards your best work product and help your authentic voice shine through, which is really the best you can ask for in an admissions consultant!...

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— Columbia Business School

MBA Admissions Updates

MBA Admissions Success Stories

Olivia | 6 School Admit

GPA: 4.0

GRE: 335

Years of Experience: 4

Gender: Female

Pre-MBA Industry: Finance

Ethnicity: White

Undergrad: Ivy League

Schools Accepted To: HBS, Stanford GSB, Wharton, Columbia Business School, Kellogg, UCLA

I was by no means an easy client. My testing saga ended up taking much longer than expected, and because of this, I ended up working with Scott and the team through R1 and R2. They never complained. While other firms I initially reached out to would not provide the flexibility for me to start working with them while still working through the testing, Scott had no problem with it. He also promised that I would have direct access to him, instead of someone who worked for him, as many of the other firms had arranged. After finally getting a strong test score under my belt, I was left with about a month to complete all of my applications. While Scott and the team typically recommend and request that the essays be near completion at this stage, they worked through each draft with me up until the final deadlines. There were countless drafts and emails exchanged between us. They answered every nitpicky question that I had in a timely fashion, even during the holidays. When it came time to interview, Scott set me up with...
Peter | 4 School Admit

GPA: 3.9

GMAT: 710

Years of Experience: 4

Pre-MBA Industry: Finance

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Undergrad: Ivy League

Schools Accepted To: Harvard Business School, Wharton, Columbia Business School, Dartmouth Tuck

Personal MBA Coach was an incredible help. They started by learning about my background and goals. From there, we went through a personalized list of schools that they felt would be a good fit for me. Once we had the list, they helped by providing a GMAT tutor and working with me on the essays for each school. I would say the largest piece was the essays for each school! Personal MBA Coach was helpful in providing guidance and honest feedback, and I was thrilled with the results. Personal MBA Coach was very professional and responsive. The business school application process is a lot of work and can be difficult to navigate. Personal MBA Coach helped me every step of the way and made the process much less stressful. I would highly recommend this service and could not have gotten the results without their help!
Deeksha | Wharton, CBS & LBS

GPA: 8.9/10

GMAT: 750

Years of Experience: 5

Gender: Female

Pre-MBA Industry: Telecommunications

Ethnicity: Indian

Undergrad: Public Technical University

Schools Accepted To: Wharton, Columbia Business School, London Business School

One of the key reasons I chose Scott was the fact that he individually had a great track record and that I got to directly work with him, unlike other firms who had multiple consultants and there was the ambiguity of whether I would get a good consultant to work with. Scott has great clarity on how to approach the application for each of the schools and also offers great flexibility in the entire process. He made the entire process simple and easy to tackle, helping me apply to 6 schools in a satisfactory manner with time to spare (some other consultants I spoke with said the process is so complicated I could at max apply to 4 schools). The ability to apply to more schools reduced my risk of not getting admitted anywhere, and hence reduced the pressure on the entire process. Scott is very responsive and ensures he gets back for all communication within 2 days, even during weekends and holidays. Scott’s clear approach uniquely tailored to each school helped me get into LBS, CBS, and Wharton. I wouldn’t have had the success I...
Chris MBA Coach Success Story
Chris | Wharton & Anderson

GPA: 3.7

GMAT: 710

Years of Experience: 6

Gender: Male

Pre-MBA Industry: Finance

Ethnicity: Asian

Undergrad: State School

Schools Accepted To: Wharton, UCLA

From day 1, Scott will give you the honest, non-sugar-coated advice that everybody needs. As a business school applicant, you need to understand what your strengths are as well as your weaknesses. Most consultants are good at telling you your strengths, but they are not as good at telling you your weaknesses as they do not want to upset you. Scott was different, and hence I decided to go with Scott and his team. Throughout the application process, I knew that I could rely on Personal MBA Coach as Scott was always there and would answer my emails/questions even during weekends or Christmas! From minor points in my overall story to locations I should select for my interviews, Scott would answer all my questions (no matter how minor and tedious they might be). I am now admitted by one of the top 3 programs in the US and will be matriculating this fall. I highly recommend Personal MBA Coach if you are looking for the best consultant in the industry as I know I probably would not have made it without Scott and his team.
Jessica | 5 School Admit

Undergrad GPA: 3.7

GMAT/GRE Score: 315-320

Years of Experience: 4.5

Pre-MBA Industry: Management Consulting 

Gender: Female

Undergrad: Small Liberal Arts

Schools Accepted To: Wharton, Kellogg, Michigan Ross, Fuqua, and Emory

The business school process can feel overwhelming at times, but Personal MBA Coach was a true partner in this process. I purchased Personal MBA Coach's comprehensive package where I received support in terms of story development, essay feedback, and letter of recommendation guidance. Personal MBA Coach was always available to answer my questions and helped me stay on track to meet all of my application deadlines. I credit their services for helping me develop a strong and compelling application package. I also took advantage of Personal MBA Coach for their GMAT/GRE services and found it to be extremely helpful. I studied for the GRE for several months on my own using a variety of study materials but failed to see a significant increase. I was frustrated and was unsure whether I could get into a top school.  After using Personal MBA Coach for three months, I saw a 10+ increase in my total GRE score. Personal MBA Coach tutors are smart, patient, kind, and dedicated to seeing their clients succeed. I highly recommend Personal MBA Coach GMAT/GRE services for prospective applicants that are looking for a significant score increase! I...

Personal MBA Coach Downloadable Guides

Personal MBA Coach’s top MBA application strategy tips! From kick-starting your MBA application development to tackling the M7 application essays, check out this valuable advice today!

Personal MBA Coach’s Story

Scott Edinburgh founded Personal MBA Coach in 2008 to offer a boutique and personalized level of MBA application support that was unavailable at other firms. While pursuing his own MBA at Wharton, Scott’s best friend, Raja, who was unsuccessful working with other top MBA Admissions Consulting firms, approached Scott for MBA application help. Scott helped Raja get accepted to Harvard Business School. After guiding other friends through successful HBS, Wharton and Stanford MBA applications, his MBA Admissions Consulting business quickly grew by word of mouth. Soon after, Scott turned this love for MBA Admissions Consulting into his full-time job, and 17 years later Personal MBA Coach remains his passion.

Personal MBA Coach is now a family-run business. Scott’s sister, Erin Edinburgh Wand, a Yale SOM MBA graduate and former Bain & Co. consultant, left her successful consulting and marketing career eight years ago to join Scott in running Personal MBA Coach. Our MBA Admissions Consulting team has since grown to include two former M7 admissions directors. All Personal MBA Coach clients work directly with Scott or a former M7 admissions director. We have no junior consultants on the team. These talented MBA admissions consultants are supported by a team of former M7 and T10 admissions interviewers, expert GMAT, GRE and EA tutors and a small boutique team of seasoned writers and graduate professors with PhD and master’s degrees from leading universities including Harvard, Yale and Columbia.

Reach out today to schedule your initial consultation. We promise you won’t regret it!

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Personal MBA Coach Founder, Scott Edinburgh, serves on the Board of Directors for AIGAC, the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants, and is invited to speak to MBA Admissions Directors and prospective MBA applicants globally.  Check back here for our upcoming events!

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