Preparing for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program can be overwhelming. It helps to have an experienced MBA Admissions Consultant on your side to guide you through the admissions process. Personal MBA Coach offers you personalized MBA admissions services to help you put your best foot forward.

If you could use some guidance taking the next step in your educational journey, we provide you with a single point of contact, a high level of insider knowledge and unlimited support for one-on-one MBA admissions consulting. Transform your application approach with our comprehensive MBA package.

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What is included in the Comprehensive MBA Admissions Prep Package?

The Personal MBA Coach comprehensive package gives you the level of assistance you need to submit the best application possible yielding the highest scholarships in the industry.

This includes full support via email, phone, Skype or in-person meetings. You and your consultant will analyze your goals to come up with a plan for advancing your career. We work from day 1 until you can decide what admission offer to accept. Our comprehensive package is personalized and tailored to your schedule.

Review the details below to learn more about what our consultants include with the comprehensive package:

1. MBA Application Consultants for Strategy & Story Development
Personal MBA Coach consultants learn more about your background and develop a thorough application strategy for you to follow, helping fine-tune your educational goals and articulate your distinct story. This includes compiling a list of schools you want to attend. Your consultant will review your credentials and work experience to help you identify what programs make sense for you based on factors like your test score, grades, scholarship desires, desired study location and more.
2. Resume Review
Structure your MBA resume using our provided templates. We will go over your education and career accomplishments to paint an accurate picture of you on paper and make sure to turn your professional resume into an MBA resume that resonates with admissions directors. Our experts will help edit your resume so that it follows the correct format and uses effective language throughout. The Personal MBA Coach team knows what top schools are looking for when admitting students into their programs, so we make sure you stand out by including only important resume details.
Building from your personal story, you will partner with your admissions consultant to brainstorm topics and develop award-winning essays that allow you to stand out among other applicants. We provide you with school-specific insider knowledge as to what MBA programs are looking for in MBA application essays. You can submit your admissions essay and short-answer responses to us as many times as it takes to get them right. We provide you with feedback in two days and work seven days a week. We will check that you answer questions fully and provide enough detail to impress application essay reviewers. Count on Personal MBA Coach to catch spelling and grammar mistakes before the final submission of your personal development pieces.
Some of the leading MBA programs in the U.S., Europe and Canada require a video essay submission. For the live videos (Kellogg, Yale SOM, INSEAD, LBS (for LBS interviewees) and others), we will send you software that you can use to practice sample video questions on your own. Your consultant will inform you how to use live video software for practicing independently. Personal MBA Coach comprehensive packages involve sharing feedback on sample recordings to improve your confidence and perfect your video delivery.
5. Letter of Recommendation Support
To enhance your overall application, we will guide you through the process of selecting which one of your contacts is best suited to write your letters of recommendation. Our consultants will help you develop the best timing and approach for reaching out and determine how much information and guidance your contact will need to write a letter that aligns with your overall application.
Personal MBA Coach organizes mock interviews with former M7 and T10 admissions interviewers from our team. Our interviewers provide you with written feedback to help you hone your skills. You have the option to participate in group interviews as well to grow your skills for all interview structures. For Wharton and Ross, we will conduct group mock interviews with former group interviewers. Interview support includes editing of MIT Sloan pre-interview essays, viewing of Chicago Booth's video essays and support with Harvard Business School’s post-interview reflection.
Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth and MIT Sloan ask that some candidates selected to interview submit an additional essay or video for their MBA program applications. Our personalized MBA admissions services in our comprehensive package include editing your follow-up written or recorded pieces. We will verify that your writing and speaking tone is consistent during the application process so that everything you submit is of the highest quality.
8. Waitlist Strategy & Post Acceptance Support
Our relationship does not end when you hit submit. Whether you are accepted or waitlisted, we will continue our personal support. Find out how and when to reach out to get off the waitlist, receive guidance on your waitlist update and get our advice on which school best suits your goals. We will connect you with former clients at your future school and across all schools as you join the small Personal MBA Coach alumni family and attend Personal MBA Coach alumni networking events.

Packages with Former M7 Admissions Director

1 School
2 Schools
3 Schools
4 Schools
8 Schools
9 Schools

Packages with Founder, Scott Edinburgh

2 Schools
3 Schools
4 Schools
8 Schools
9 Schools
Supplemental Fees

Each Additional School (if purchased at a later date) + $2,600

Pricing for Consortium Applications Vary

Average MBA Admissions Consulting Prices

The average MBA admissions consulting price is usually around $12,000 for a 3-school package. Some companies offer a cheaper service with fewer inclusions, and others can cost as much as $20,000 for 3 schools. Other companies offer hourly rates for MBA admission consulting, usually between $300 and $500 an hour, sometimes reaching as much as $750.

When researching MBA admissions consulting prices, make sure you do plenty of research about the company and find out exactly what you’re paying for. An hourly rate may seem better at first glance, but could often add up to more than what you’d pay for a package. Spend time checking out reviews and testimonials to see what people are saying. Are the reviews overwhelming positive or do they mention things that could be improved?

MBA admissions consulting prices may seem high at first glance, but keep in mind the potential benefits as well as the cost of not using one. The cost of consulting can more than pay for itself if you end up getting a full ride major scholarship that’s worth $150k or more.

Benefits of a Comprehensive MBA Consulting Service

MBA admissions consultants give you the resources, guidance and unmatched support you need to accomplish your career goals. Personal MBA Coach partners with you from before you start the application process to completion so that competitive schools will consider you for their programs.

Our team focuses on your ambitions to help you identify which programs you should consider. Once you move through our comprehensive package, you will be able to submit admissions essays and videos and attend interviews for an MBA program with high hopes.

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Harvard Business School ’22 with $550K
Looking back on my MBA application journey, I can say with certainty that the best decision I made was to hire Personal MBA Coach. I ended up getting into every single school that I applied to with many full rides. Scott’s expertise, dedication, transparency, and most importantly, patience, allowed for my lofty goals to become... Read More
Stanford GSB
Fabulous! As a non-native English speaker, I was very worried about applications. Besides putting me at ease, Scott helped me in my crazy dream to attend a top US business school. I didn’t know it was possible to get so close to someone personally who is on the other side of the world (11.5 hr... Read More
I decided to work with Scott after doing consultations with four other firms. I was very disillusioned about the industry and wasn’t sure if I even wanted to work with anyone. Upon speaking with him, I was very pleasantly surprised by our natural chemistry and his easygoing nature. Rather than pushing a cookie-cutter narrative for... Read More
MIT Sloan
I couldn’t have made it to my dream school, MIT Sloan, without Scott and his team’s timely support and guidance. The team was super responsive and to the point with their questions, prompts and edits. This allowed me to iterate through my ideas and bring relevant information into my essays. The entire process gave me... Read More
Columbia Business School
Thank you for the brilliant work on my application. I knew I had the experience but did not really know how to put it all together. Columbia has been a great experience so far and I could not have gotten here without the Personal MBA Coach expert help. I was pushed in ways I didn’t... Read More
Harvard Business School
With Scott’s consulting I was accepted into three of my top four choices. He really knows what works and makes the process simpler than I thought possible. More impressively, he worked with me on an aggressive timeline and was always available when I needed him. I’m not sure if he sleeps, but I’m not complaining.... Read More
Yale SOM
Coming from a small consulting firm, I was afraid that I didn’t have the brand cachet to get into a good business school. Working with Scott, I was able to describe myself and my experiences in a way that set me apart from many peers, including those at larger firms. Since I had very clearly... Read More
Chicago Booth
The Personal MBA Coach Team has been instrumental in my MBA admissions journey. They truly made it possible for me to achieve my long term dream of getting admitted to a top business school. The team’s thorough knowledge of the entire application process and guidance on how best to position myself along with various nuances... Read More
I knew I wanted to work full-time while getting my MBA and not leave NYC, so that didn’t leave many options. Plus, I love the village and only really wanted to go to Stern. My crazy work schedule makes me pretty difficult to work with, but Scott made it work while pushing me very hard... Read More
Dartmouth Tuck
I applied from one of the most competitive categories in MBA – Indian Male engineer. My age was on the higher side (30 yrs) and my GMAT score of 730 was a little low for the competitive category of Indian Male engineers. I was also a reapplicant. One of my friends recommended Scott to me.... Read More
Harvard Business School
In a very short time, Scott helped me turn my mediocre essays into a successful application that secured me a spot at HBS. I have been here for a year and love it. Thanks so much Scott!!
MIT Sloan
I hired Scott after I spoke to a few consultants, some of them even suggested me to not apply with 3 years of work experience. However, Scott took on the challenge to help me build my story. He spent a considerable amount of time getting to know me, and then drafting the story with me.... Read More

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