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If you received an MBA interview invitation, you are one step closer to achieving your educational and career goals.

At Personal MBA Coach, our experienced team of former M7 and top 10 interviewers conduct mock MBA interviews every year for all the top schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia Business School, Yale SOM, Kellogg, INSEAD, MIT Sloan, Berkeley Haas, Dartmouth Tuck and many more. They will help you hone your skills and practice with mock interviews to position you for success at your chosen top business school.


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MBA Interview Consulting Services

MBA Interview Consulting Services

To help you prep for your MBA admissions interview, we offer a range of targeted and tailored services, including:

Prep for In-Person and Virtual Interviews

Our MBA admissions mock interview services include both in-person and virtual support. No matter what format your interview will be in, you will work with former M7 and T10 admissions interviewers who will explain the skills you need to succeed in all structures. They are familiar with the most common MBA interview questions and can advise you on the best questions to ask your MBA interviewer.

School-Specific Interview Guide

Each school is unique, which is why you will receive a school-specific interview guide to gain insights on what to expect from each. Discover everything from the latest questions to the types of answers schools are expecting so you are fully prepared to impress your interviewer.

MBA Mock Interview With Feedback

As part of our MBA admissions interview services, we provide detailed feedback following your mock MBA interview. One of our admissions interviewers will first review your application and resume. Then, during your one-hour session, you will get to practice your skills and gain written feedback on how to perfect your delivery and responses.

Targeted Interview Prep Support for Wharton and Harvard Business School Interviews

Schools such as Wharton and HBS use a unique interview format. Students interested in attending Wharton will practice Team Based Discussion (TBD) interview formats with former group interviewers. These targeted interviews can be done over Google Hangout or Zoom and will equip you with the practice and skills you need to stand out among other applicants in the group.

Meanwhile, the HBS interview focuses on detailed questions, which is why you will delve into potentially weak areas of your application and practice discussing questions in depth.


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What do personal MBA coach clients say about MBA interview prep services?"

Wharton ’25
I really enjoyed working with MJ last fall, particularly for my Wharton interview. I attended a group practice TBD that she hosted and I found it extremely helpful. We also did one on one coaching. I went to my interview, feeling very prepared and confident, and I just started at Wharton this fall! Hiring a... Read More
MIT Sloan ’25
I was happy to work with Scott and his team. First, for their punctual edits and the necessary push to be on track. Second, for the genuine interest that Scott has in understanding our background and helping us prepare the right content for each school. Lastly, the mock interviews were amazing as each of my... Read More
Wharton, Chicago Booth & CBS ’25 Admit
I had a great experience working with Scott and his team through the business school application process. Scott worked with me on every facet of my applications – initial story development, resume reconstruction, essay, and short-answer writing, interview preparation, etc. His feedback was consistently nuanced, direct, and prompt, allowing me to put together my best... Read More
Harvard Business School, Wharton, Yale SOM & Kellogg ’25 Admit
I cannot recommend the Personal MBA Coach team enough! After talking with other companies, I chose Scott’s team; he was honest and genuine in sharing his thoughts about my profile and collaborated with me to design a plan. Scott assisted me throughout the process, worked with me to brainstorm essay ideas, and helped me re-gain... Read More
Columbia Business School ’25 Admit
I can’t recommend Scott and his team enough. They are extremely comprehensive, structured, and professional in their approach to guiding you. Applying to business school really forces you to introspect and ask yourself why you really want an MBA. Scott and co, really help you through this introspection process, and you kind of learn more... Read More
Columbia Business School ’25
I never thought I would be one to pay for an admissions consultant, but as a military applicant applying from deployment, I could not have achieved the admissions results I did without Scott’s help. Scott and his team flexed to my variable military schedule and requirements to help me work through the process efficiently, and... Read More
Wharton, Chicago Booth & NYU Stern ’25 Admit
I had a great experience working with Scott and the Personal MBA Coach Team. I was impressed by the structured and personalized support I received. As a result, I was able to stay on track throughout the application process from brainstorming for essays to preparing for interviews. Thanks to Scott’s (and the rest of PMC’s)... Read More
Wharton ’24
I used Scott for Wharton’s TBD prep and it was a well-worth-it experience. I got detailed feedback during my performance, and I was able to see what aspects I should fix in order to deliver a strong TBD. I had actionable steps that I could work on and ask for additional feedback on at any... Read More
Interview Prep Client
I used Scott’s mock interview service and it was a FANTASTIC experience! Scott knew what the core values of my target school were, and knew what the interviewer wants. He knows how to fit each candidate into each school. He arranges the interviews quickly and gave me useful comments so that I felt I could... Read More
Interview Prep Client
I interviewed with Nicole one day before my final interview! Not only did Nicole provide valuable feedback that improved the quality of my answers, but I instantly felt more confident after my mock interview with her. Interviews can be the most nerve-racking part of the application process and I believe my mock interview ultimately helped... Read More
Interview Prep Client
Nicole helped me prepare for both my Tuck and Ross interviews, and her guidance was incredibly helpful. Nicole provided thorough feedback and highlighted areas where I could substitute examples, elaborate more, or practice delivering a more structured response. After prepping with Nicole, I was ultimately admitted to Tuck, Ross, Fuqua, Yale SOM, and Darden! Read More
Interview Prep Client
I worked with Nicole to prep specifically for my Kellogg interview, but her help and preparation served me well throughout the interview process for all four schools I applied to and was admitted to (Kellogg, Stanford, Columbia, Duke). Nicole helped push, shape, and polish my responses to key questions and advised on my delivery. Nicole... Read More

Benefits of Personalized Interview Preparation

Working with an experienced MBA admissions consultant means you will gain the personalized, one-on-one support you need to get into top business schools including Wharton, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, Yale SOM, Stanford and more.

No matter what your goals are, you will receive the support, guidance and resources you need to make your dreams a reality. With benefits ranging from insider knowledge to detailed feedback, you can apply and move through the admissions process with confidence.

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Interview Prep - 1 Session
Interview Prep - 3 Sessions