Congrats! You received an HBS interview invite. Now comes the most important part, acing it. Why leave this to chance? Instead, go through a dry run with Personal MBA Coach’s expert mock interviewers.

The HBS Interview Process

The HBS interview is unique and requires specific preparation. HBS interviewers ask very detailed questions and delve into specifics on your resume and your application. As part of our HBS interview prep, Personal MBA Coach will analyze your entire application prior to your HBS interview. Then, your HBS interviewer will ask you very detailed questions, focusing on weak areas of your application or topics likely to be discussed during your HBS interview.

We bring years of experience from admissions offices of top schools and the ability to predict the types of questions you will be asked on the interview day. Then we prepare you to answer them effectively with our HBS personal support with seasoned coaches.

HBS also requires candidates to submit a post-interview reflection within 24 hours. This should be written in an email format.

Personal MBA Coach’s HBS Interview Prep 

Personal MBA Coach’s HBS interview prep includes:

  • Our exclusive HBS interview guide with past questions asked (updated in real-time with this year’s questions once interviews begin).
  • Tips and tricks for mastering the HBS interview – Learn what they are looking for and how to deliver!
  • Individualized questions based on your profile covering the areas where your interviewer is most likely to drill down during the interview process. 
  • A 1-hour HBS mock interview with detailed, personalized feedback.

HBS Post-Interview Reflection Support

Personal MBA Coach will share a sample of a HBS post-interview reflection which will help you to think about key items or categories you should remember from your interview. Following your actual interview, we will provide you with additional insight based on your performance and help you to strategize your email response. 

Schedule your HBS Interview Prep session now so we can give you expert advice and provide the interview questions you will actually get.

Your application will be reviewed beforehand and you will leave our HBS interview prep with the confidence to succeed on that crucial day.


Schedule a session so we can give you expert advice and the interview questions you will actually get.

Your application will be reviewed beforehand and you will leave with the confidence to succeed on that crucial day.

Harvard Business School Interview / Reflection Package

What do Personal MBA Coach clients say about HBS post interview reflection services?"

Harvard Business School
Scott is a great coach. He helps students select the right schools and his interview prep services are fantastic. I felt so comfortable in my interviews thanks to these sessions.
Harvard Business School
When it came time to interview, Scott set me up with his interviewing experts, who thoroughly prepared me for each interview. I ended up getting into every single school that I applied to with many full rides, and am now in the position to choose between Stanford, Harvard, and Wharton. Scott’s expertise, dedication, transparency, and... Read More
Harvard Business School
I worked with Personal MBA Coach on the interview preparation portion of my application to HBS. I can say honestly that without this interview preparation, I would not have been ready for the depth of questions I was asked in my actual HBS interview. This package was a critical part of my preparation, and allowed... Read More
HBS Admit ’26
MJ helped me prepare for my HBS interview, and I left our session feeling much more confident about nailing the real interview. She made sure to go over my resume in great detail to prepare for the probing questions that the interviewers were expected to ask, and helped me hone my answers to be more... Read More
HBS Interview Prep & Post-Interview Reflection Support