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The first step is tackling the Wharton team-based discussion interview.

What should I expect from the Wharton Interview? Wharton uses a unique Team Based Discussion (TBD) interview format. While the Wharton interview is nothing to worry about, it does require a very specific kind of preparation that is quite different from your standard MBA interview preparation. 

The Wharton MBA interview is required and includes the following three components:

  1. First, each candidate will give a one-minute introduction, providing everyone in the group an opportunity to get to know one another. This will cover the first five minutes of the interview. 
  2. Second, there will be a 35-minute team discussion, based on a topic Wharton releases in advance. During this portion of the TBD, you present the results of your discussion to the interviewers. Part of this is delivering your “pitch” and part is the broader team chat.
  3. Finally, the group exercise is followed by a brief, individual 1:1 interview. This will give you the opportunity to discuss a couple of aspects of your profile and your interest in Wharton.

Let a former Wharton TBD interviewer prepare you! Personal MBA Coach’s interviewers conducted interviews at Wharton for over 70 applicants last year. They offer clients unique and targeted interview preparation tips. Wharton students and admissions directors are looking for you to demonstrate certain qualities in the interview. We will teach you how to weave these qualities into your responses so you can stand out from the crowd. We will conduct a group TBD mock interview over Google Hangout/Zoom with 4-6 other applicants.

​84% of our interviewees were accepted last year!

Note: Please purchase interview prep below (Zelle is also accepted and encouraged) and email your resume and mock interview slot preference to scott@personalmbacoach.com. 

Important Wharton Interview Tips

Wharton TBD Interview Tip 1. Do not be the loudest participant.

Many candidates dominate the conversation in an attempt to stand out. We do not advise this approach. The group interview is a great way for Wharton to assess how a candidate is likely to act in classroom discussions and during group meetings. Admissions committee members are looking for leaders who are able to actively contribute, but they are not interested in someone who will talk over their peers.

Wharton TBD Interview Tip 2. Look for ways to add to others’ ideas.

Top leaders collaborate with their teams, and this skill is equally important in the business school classroom. Looking for ways to build off another idea or suggestion will show the evaluator that you know how to work with a team or a group.

Wharton TBD Interview Tip 3. Respect your peers.

This should be obvious. Remain open to diverse points of view. Bringing in observations does not mean debunking what others have to say. If you disagree with someone in the interview, politely add another perspective without being critical or rude.

Wharton TBD Interview Tip 4. Plan ahead by doing your research.

As with all interviews, adequate preparation is key. You will receive the topic in advance, giving candidates the opportunity to prepare for your Wharton interview. Arrive with specific and well-researched talking points. However, also be prepared to pivot as needed.

Wharton TBD Round Two Dates

Sunday, February 18, 2024
3 PM EST - Full
Monday, February 19, 2024
6 PM EST - Open - limited slots
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
6 PM EST - Open - limited slots
Thursday, February 22, 2024
9 PM EST - Open - limited slots
Saturday, February 24, 2024
12 PM EST - Open - limited slots
Saturday, February 24, 2024
3 PM EST - Open
Sunday, February 25, 2024
12 PM EST - Open
Monday, February 26, 2024
8 PM EST - Open - limited slots
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
5 PM EST - Open - limited slots
Thursday, February 29, 2024
8 PM EST - Open

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Wharton ’25
I really enjoyed working with MJ last fall, particularly for my Wharton interview. I attended a group practice TBD that she hosted and I found it extremely helpful. We also did one on one coaching. I went to my interview, feeling very prepared and confident, and I just started at Wharton this fall! Hiring a... Read More
Wharton TBD Client
I highly recommend MJ as a coach. I attended a mock TBD hosted by MJ, and her support and feedback were extremely helpful. I felt really confident going into the final TBD after being prepped by MJ. She highlighted all my strengths and ensured I was able to showcase it. She also gave me pointers... Read More
Wharton ’24
I used Scott for Wharton’s TBD prep and it was a well-worth-it experience. I got detailed feedback during my performance, and I was able to see what aspects I should fix in order to deliver a strong TBD. I had actionable steps that I could work on and ask for additional feedback on at any... Read More
Working with the Personal MBA Coach team was the best decision that I made as a re-applicant to Wharton (my top choice school). The Personal MBA Coach team significantly improved my application storyline and was a huge help in preparing for interviews. In my initial applications, I didn’t use an MBA consultant and didn’t even... Read More
Interview Prep Client
I worked with Personal MBA Coach for a mock Wharton TBD and it helped me immensely. It helped confirm certain behaviors that would be helpful to double down on, what I should express more and what I could do better. My 1:1 session with MJ Shores was even more helpful as she helped me trim... Read More
Interview Prep Client
Scott was amazing to work with. I decided to pursue a mock Wharton TBD two days before my actual interview, and when most consultants told me they didn’t have availability, Scott volunteered to stand up another TBD! It was an incredible practice, and MJ offered very specific feedback that helped me improve my performance for... Read More
The interview prep, specifically for Wharton’s TBD, helped me ease my nerves before the actual interviews. I have so much respect for Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach…I am extremely excited and proud to be following in Scott’s footsteps by attending Wharton this fall!! Read More
The interview prep is the best part about working with Personal MBA Coach. My mock interviews were super important in making sure that I do well on the day! In fact, without them I am confident I would not have been nearly as good.
There was a helpful overview packet and list of questions to prepare for which gave great guidance. The simulation also had the perfect amount of people in it to get a true idea of what it would be like at the actual TBD interview. I highly suggest investing the time and money for this. It... Read More
The simulation that Personal MBA Coach was extremely helpful — the proctor was an experienced interviewer and observer for Wharton and gave constructive feedback. I felt prepared for the actual day of the interview. Read More
Personal MBA Coach went above and beyond with my interview prep for top schools. Multiple practice sessions with other applicants fully prepared me for the real thing. Tips and tricks specific to each school helped me tailor my message to resonate differently with each school. The Wharton practice interviews were especially helpful because Wharton’s group... Read More
I decided to work with Scott after doing consultations with four other firms. I was very disillusioned about the industry and wasn’t sure if I even wanted to work with anyone. Upon speaking with him, I was very pleasantly surprised by our natural chemistry and his easygoing nature. Rather than pushing a cookie-cutter narrative for... Read More
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