MBA Waitlist Strategy Services

Got placed on the MBA waitlist?

Not sure what to do to increase your chances of getting off the MBA waitlist?

Let Personal MBA Coach help you to develop your MBA waitlist strategy.

Getting accepted off the MBA waitlist can be tricky, and even understanding what is possible is often hard to figure out.

The key in developing your MBA waitlist strategy is to know exactly what you should do and NOT DO and when you should send an MBA waitlist letter which varies based on the school and your individual situation.

Personal MBA Coach’s waitlist strategy and support includes the following:

Review and evaluation of your entire application.

Phone call to discuss specific recommendations for improving your chances of admission.

Editing of one MBA waitlist letter.

Guidance on what to do and when to do it during the waitlist process.

Waitlist Support

MBA Waitlist support is $795 per school. Note that waitlists are hard and often unpredictable.

While we get a lot of applicants off the waitlist every year and can maximize your chances of getting in, waitlist support does not guarantee acceptance as often your chances of getting off the waitlist depends on individual circumstances and school needs.