While the majority of Personal MBA Coach clients work with us through our Comprehensive Packages on a space available basis, Personal MBA Coach supports clients looking for limited support through the following services:

One Time Gut Check

When you have already completed your application but want to be sure you are ready to submit.

Your MBA resume, application essays and short answers will be reviewed to make sure they tell the right story, flow well together and are polished enough to maximize the chances of getting an interview.

After you sign up for a gut check, we will:

  • Review your entire application.
  • Perform one round of edits of the resume and all required essays.
  • Highlight mistakes and key areas to improve.
  • Provide an overall assessment as to whether you have a strong application or not.

This includes a list of recommendations and the next steps needed to get your application ready for submission. 

Note that it is rare for a gut check to be enough to get an applicant admitted and, in most cases, additional work will be required. The fee for a gut check is $1,195 per school. Note that while this fee covers most applications, some programs may have a higher price depending on the number of essays required or length/difficulty of each essay. Last minute rush pricing may be applicable.

Ready for your MBA application review? Contact us to confirm availability.


I was waitlisted at two of my top choices and Scott helped me develop a timeline and plan to strategically show my enthusiasm for the programs while not overwhelming the admissions committee with materials. I would highly recommend him for all facets of the application process.
I was waitlisted at my top choice and heavily relied on Scott’s guidance in writing update letters and also for strategies on how to navigate the smoke and mirrors of being a waitlisted candidate. I have so much respect for Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach. Their commitment to helping early career individuals... Read More
After all the hard work I was waitlisted at two of my top choices. Scott was integral in helping me think through strategy and come up with the best ways to continue showing interest without pestering admissions committees. I ended up getting into both schools. Without Scott, I am confident I would have had the... Read More