Specialized Masters Admissions Consulting Packages

Are you looking to secure admission to a top specialized masters program? Our Personal MBA Coach Services are the answer.

While an MBA in top universities is the most popular with specialized masters programs in business schools, other specialized masters programs are gaining popularity. These programs equip students with the knowledge and leadership skills to rise within a chosen field and achieve their personal and professional goals. If you explore beyond the M7 business schools, there are numerous masters programs to choose from, with more emerging each year.

Currently, the most popular specialized masters programs include a Master of Finance, Master of Data Analytics, Master in Management, Master of International Management, Master of Accounting, and Master of Marketing. In 2021, GMAC’s Prospective Student Survey reported that 25% of respondents were considering a masters program other than an MBA.

If you want to achieve your professional goals through a specialized masters program, Personal MBA Coach is here to be your guide, no matter at what stage you are in your career.

Personal MBA Coach’s Specialized Masters Application Packages offer the same level of support included in our Comprehensive Packages, but with guidance tailored to specialized masters applicants.

Our Specialized Masters Consulting Packages Include:

Could a Specialized Masters Program Be Right for You? The Answer Is Likely Yes if One of More of the Following Is True...

You Are a Young Working Professional

Specialized masters programs are a great fit for working professionals who are early on in their careers, specifically one to two years out of undergrad.

You Are a Mid- to Advanced-Career Professional

A specialized masters could also be right for you if you are a mid- to advanced-career professional who is getting ready to take on new demands or responsibilities and you need to boost specific skills or expertise. For example, someone going into education management or a regulatory position would benefit from a specialized masters program.

You Are Interested in a Specific Field

Do you have a very specific interest that you want to explore? Specialized masters programs allow you to take a deep dive into a particular field, whether you want to change careers or build expertise in your current line of work.

You Are Seeking a Shorter Program Than an MBA

For those who want to dedicate themselves full time to their studies but do not want to take two full years out of the workforce, a specialized masters program may be an attractive option.

Check out some of the top specialized masters programs: