Scott Edinburgh
February 20, 2019

Is There Another Degree You Should Consider?

MBA Student

While the MBA is the most commonly discussed master’s level degree offered at elite business schools, there are an increasing number of other degree options becoming available for those looking for an Ivy League business education.  

In fact, 3 of the M7 schools now offer non-MBA master’s level degree programs. These degrees are in addition to the specialized, dual degree and Executive MBA programs available. If you look beyond the M7 schools, there are countless programs available, with more arising each day. For example, just last week NYU Stern announced a new Online Master of Science in Quantitative Management Program.

Below we have listed a selection of options currently available.

Non-MBA Degrees Offered at M7 Business Schools

MIT Sloan

  • Master of Finance

  • Master of Business Analytics


  • MS in Management Studies

Columbia Business School

  • MS in Financial Economics

  • MS in Marketing Science

  • MS in Accounting and Fundamental Analysis

  • MS in Management Science and Engineering

  • MS in Business Analytics

Beyond The M7

Berkeley Haas

  • Master of Financial Engineering

Michigan Ross

  • Master of Accounting

  • Master of Management

  • Master of Supply Chain Management

Duke Fuqua

  • Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business

  • Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University

  • Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics

  • Master of Quantitative Management: Health Analytics

NYU Stern

  • MS in Accounting

  • MS in Business Analytics and Business Computing

  • MS in Quantitative Finance

  • MS in Global Finance

  • MS in Risk Management

UVA Darden

  • MS in Business Analytics

UCLA Anderson

  • Master of Financial Engineering

  • Master of Science in Business Analytics

Carnegie Mellon Tepper

  • Master of Science in Business Analytics

  • Master of Science in Product Management

  • Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services

  • Master of Science in Computational Finance

So, what does the rise of such programs mean for MBA hopefuls?

These degrees are great options suitable for MBA hopefuls who are not quite ready for the academic rigor of an MBA program. There are many reasons for this including:

  1. Weaker quantitative skills

  2. Limited analytical coursework

  3. Lower GPA or testing scores

For such candidates, a master’s degree from a leading business school can be a great way to beef up your profile and analytical skills, preparing you to tackle an MBA program in the future or secure the career advancement you are looking for. While such a degree will not provide the same professional boost that an MBA program will, it will offer strong career opportunities, particularly for those looking for a highly specialized position.

These non-MBA master’s programs are also great early career options for those candidates who lack the professional experience necessary for an MBA. If you are looking to get ahead at work but have fewer than 3 years of professional experience, a shorter more entry level program could be a solid option. Upon completion of such a program, candidates can make career leaps positioning them for either long-term success or acceptance into a top MBA program.

Finally, such programs can be attractive for some international candidates. Many of our applicants from outside of the US seek out some of these programs because they may offer a 3 year OPT visa, easing any immigration concerns.

Each year, we help candidates advance their careers by pursuing a variety of degrees. Many will apply to some of these master’s programs and MBA programs before seeing which and how many they get into.

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