The 2024 Kellogg Future Leaders program is available to college or graduate school students from the US or abroad who graduate between October 2023 and September 2024. Graduate students must have entered their program of study straight out of college. Students can major in any discipline (though PhDs, medical, and law degrees are considered professional experience; people with those degrees must apply through the regular MBA application funnel).

During the deferment period, Kellogg’s Future Leaders gain experience in a professional field of their choice, and when the deferment period ends, they step into an MBA program already partially integrated in the Kellogg community. In fact, during the two-to-five-year deferral period, admitted applicants have a number of resources available at Kellogg to stay engaged and on track until they decide to enroll, including a network of fellow deferred students as well as professors and a dedicated admissions officer.

The Kellogg Future Leaders Application Process

Applicants to the deferred program follow the same application process as the Kellogg full-time MBA applicants.

Kellogg Future Leaders Essay Questions:

  • Kellogg’s purpose is to educate, equip and inspire leaders who create lasting value. Provide a recent example where you have demonstrated leadership and created value. What challenges did you face and what did you learn? (450 words max)
  • Values are what guide us in our life and work. What values are important to you and how have they influenced you? (450 words max)

If you need help with your Future Leaders program essays, read Personal MBA Coach’s tips on how to tackle the full-time Kellogg essays, which have the same prompts.

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2023-2024 Kellogg Future Leaders MBA Deadline

  • April 24, 2024