LBS Sloan Masters Overview

Steeped in international flavor and rooted in one of the most globally minded business schools in the world (and the #2 ranked business school in Europe), LBS’s Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy is a global lab for the study of the arts of leading and managing. With nearly the entire small class comprised of students of international background, the program brings together a singularly diverse assortment of views and experiences from around the world. Cultures, languages, and distinct ways of relating to others mix here to give a uniquely broad and enriching mid-career education to edify established leaders for their second career chapter.

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2023-2024 LBS Sloan Masters Essay Questions

  • Essay 1: Please provide a personal statement explaining how you will contribute to the experience of others on the programme, and how the LBS Sloan MSc programme will benefit you. (600 words)
  • Essay 2: Describe what it would mean to you personally to be an alumnus of London Business School, what you believe membership of the community represents, and how you would give back to London Business School in the future. (600 words)

Key Highlights of the LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy

  • One year: This full-time residential one-year program encompasses three terms starting in January and ending in December, with a pre-program period in November and December prior to program start for reading and preparation.
  • Who is the right candidate? The program is tailored to people with a global outlook who have already been in key positions as decision-makers and leaders in managing change and people (18 average years in management) but who seek a change in direction or in impact, who wish to take a company in a different direction, or who want to start a company of their own.
  • The core: This Masters in Leadership and Strategy is anchored to three pillars: Leadership, Strategy, and Business Fundamentals. Designed for people who have already led, managed and accomplished in all fields from academia to entrepreneurship, its curriculum is advanced and mostly customizable. Among its core courses: Biography, a Leadership program course focused on the study of the lives of leaders; Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Relations, a Strategy course that studies how different players in a company steer leadership direction and strategy; Corporate Finance, a Business Fundamentals course that studies capital allocation and outside financing and sharpens quantitative skills and understanding (Accounting Bootcamp is another Business Fundamentals class).
  • Flexible curriculum: LBS Sloan Fellows choose from a large number of electives drawn from the offerings of the entire London Business School, ranging from Economics, Finance, and Management Science to Organizational Behavior and Strategy, and taken with other students in the various LBS programs.
  • Going Global: Sloan Fellows travel abroad for one week for an immersive global experience in such places as New York or Zurich, solving business problems and working with the local business community.
  • Capstone: The finale of the LBS Sloan program is a capstone week experience with other Fellows, alumni and speakers to reflect on the Sloan experience.
  • Career management: While at LBS, Sloan Fellows avail themselves of a gamut of intense professional development programs and career management opportunities geared to maximizing the benefits of the program and funneling them into the next step of their career. Insight sessions focus on studying the labor market and sectors and industry competition analysis. Most Sloan Fellows say that the professional experience they embarked on following the program came from an opportunity or idea that originated during or from the Sloan program.

LBS Sloan Masters Class Profile

The latest LBS Sloan Masters class profile for the class of 2023 reports 55 students.

Of these students, 25% identify as women. Collectively, students represent 26 different nationalities and 95% come from an international background (only 9% are from the US and UK).

LBS Sloan Masters students had an average of 19 years of managerial work experience. Prior to beginning their studies, 27% of students came from a general management background.

The top five professional backgrounds include finance (23%), profit consulting (13%), public administration (9%), property/real estate (7%), and business services (5%).

2023 LBS Sloan Masters Application Deadlines and Timeline

  • Application Deadline: March 1, 2023
  • Application Deadline: May 24, 2023
  • Application Deadline: July 12, 2023
  • Application Deadline: August 23, 2023