Yale SOM EMBA Program Overview

The Yale School of Management MBA program for Executives—like all Yale MBA programs—distinguishes itself for a mission centered on social benefit and impact. Vision and commitment to impact society for the better are key to the Yale MBA culture in all facets.

Offering the core curriculum of its regular MBA, the Yale EMBA prepares leaders in business to seize opportunities and lead change for the betterment of people, communities, and organizations, with consideration of all stakeholders involved.

Combining rigorous analytical skills with a broad understanding of management all rooted in a deep societal context, this EMBA equips people in positions of stewardship “to lead in a world without boundaries.” Business and management issues and challenges are explored from the broad and textured perspective of all people impacted on a global level.

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2023-2024 Yale EMBA Essay Writing Tips

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What Sets the Yale SOM EMBA Program Apart

  • Schedule: Candidates earn the Yale EMBA over 22 months, with classes taking place during Friday/Saturday sessions every other weekend on the Yale campus. The program includes four in-residence weeks, including the Global Network Week abroad.
  • Curriculum: The Yale EMBA stresses an integrated curriculum that is three quarters general management and one quarter devoted to the chosen area of focus. Faculty from different fields teach together to facilitate the exploration of topics in business and management from the perspective of the stakeholders involved across the public and private realm rather than separate disciplines. Hence the impact of business decision making is always held in primary focus and viewed from a multitude of perspectives. The core curriculum includes an Orientation to Management segment (encompassing accounting, economics, and management classes) and an Organizational Perspectives segment, which includes courses such as Customer, Competitor, Innovator, Employee, Investor, and State & Society. The core is followed by a set of advanced management courses and courses in your chosen area of focus, in addition to a self-directed project supervised by a Yale professor.
  • “Raw cases”: A cornerstone of Yale’s program is the unique “raw” case format, which prepares students to analyze and synthesize large amounts of data from multiple sources, capturing the challenges of real-world business decision making and problem solving at a global level. Through the raw cases, students are able to study, explore, and solve business issues globally at the intersection of politics, law, culture, ethics, and science, broadening their knowledge of any business topic through the exploration of overlapping and dovetailing fields of interest and impact.
  • Focus: The Yale MBA for Execs comes with advanced study in one of three areas: asset management, healthcare, DEI, or sustainability. The curriculum of each focus examines the topic from a variety of angles and includes meetings with industry leaders and colloquia of various kinds, and draws from resources throughout the university—for example, in the case of the sustainability focus, the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale; in the case of the asset management focus, the International Center for Finance at Yale.
  • Culture: Mission-oriented and collaborative, Yale’s EMBA students span all sectors of work—from relief workers to teachers and entrepreneurs—but share the common traits of engagement and thoughtfulness about their role in the world.
  • International Experience: Yale is actively engaged with the Global Network for Advanced Management, which fosters connections among the world’s leading business schools. Comprised of over 30 schools across six continents, the Network ties each member school with diverse regions, countries, and cultures, and economies in different phases of development. Global Network Weeks offer students the opportunity to spend an intensive week-long course at another school, benefiting from the perspectives, programs, and faculty expertise of that school. Established exclusively for Executive MBA students and a compulsory part of the MBA for Executives program, the EMBA-specific Global Network Week takes place in June of Year 1.

2025 Yale EMBA Class Profile

47% of the students in the Yale EMBA class of 2025 identify as people of color, 34% as under-represented people of color, and 44% as women; students of international backgrounds make up 28% of the class.

Students in the class of 2025 had an average age of 36 and an average of 14 years of work experience. Additionally, 46% had an advanced graduate degree before starting their EMBA studies at Yale.

Professional backgrounds for the Yale EMBA class of 2025 include 72% for profit, 22% nonprofit, and 6% government fields.

2023-2024 Yale EMBA Application Deadlines and Timeline

  • Application Deadline: October 31, 2023
  • Application Deadline: January 29, 2024
  • Application Deadline: March 20, 2024