Scott Edinburgh
August 20, 2020

Harvard Business School, Wharton, Chicago Booth & Yale SOM Admit With $244K Scholarship

HBS, Wharton, Chicago Booth, & Yales SOM Admit with $244 Scholarship

Some of the most frequent questions I get from applicants are: what does a successful candidate profile look like or how did X get accepted into so many schools?

Naturally, there are countless answers to these questions, but in response to applicant demand, I post Candidate Success Stories from time to time.

Below I have shared a deep dive into one recent success including a Q&A with the candidate to shed some light on the process that I take with my clients and share lessons this candidate has graciously offered to pass on.

Find out how this candidate was accepted to 4 top schools and secured $244K in scholarships.

Profile Overview

Schools Admitted To: Harvard Business School, Wharton, Chicago Booth (w/ Scholarship), Yale SOM (w/ Scholarship)

Scholarship: $244K

Gender/Ethnicity: Female/Vietnamese

Years of Experience: 4

GMAT: Mid/High 700’s

Pre-MBA Experience: Financial services

Education: Ivy League

GPA: High 3’s

Candidate Q&A

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

Candidate: After working in financial services for a few years, I was interested in learning more about opportunities in consulting and social impact and wanted to leverage the MBA to pursue these opportunities.

Personal MBA Coach: How did you learn about Personal MBA Coach?

Candidate: I learned about Personal MBA Coach through their partnership with the Forte program, of which I was a member.

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to turn to Personal MBA Coach for help?

Candidate: Since I was looking to apply to several business schools, I wanted to work with a coach to better understand the nuanced differences between them, and also to help stay organized throughout the long application process!

Personal MBA Coach: What was the hardest part of the application process?

Candidate: The hardest part of the application process for me was the essay-writing. Personal MBA Coach was a great coach throughout this part of the application. They challenged me and kept me accountable, while helping me flesh out parts of my background, work experiences and interests to highlight –– all while keeping everything in my own voice.

Personal MBA Coach: How did you decide on which schools to apply to?

Candidate: I had an initial list of schools in mind and Personal MBA Coach and I discussed which ones on the list would be great fits for my background and aspirations.

Personal MBA Coach: What was the biggest surprise for you throughout the application process?

Candidate: The biggest surprise for me was how much time each component of the application process took! There are a lot of deliverables throughout the application process, and working with Personal MBA Coach definitely helped me manage my time and stay accountable throughout it all.

Personal MBA Coach: How did Personal MBA Coach help you?

Candidate: From early on, Personal MBA Coach helped me develop a personal timeline / strategy for the application cycle. Throughout the process, they were great about pushing me through the mini deadlines to ensure that I was on track.

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