Berkeley Haas MBA Program Overview

For those seeking an MBA program with a close-knit community and a small class size, Berkeley Haas could be a good fit. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, the business school shares a home with incredibly influential companies such as Google, Apple, and Airbnb.

Berkeley Haas’s mantra, The Heart of What’s Next™, speaks to the forward-thinking nature of the school. The program combines a traditional general management curriculum with experiential learning opportunities that enhance students’ leadership skills. 

Throughout their time at Haas, students will select at least one of eight programs that address applied innovation, entrepreneurship, international business development, and more.

The Berkeley Haas experience is also greatly customizable, and students are encouraged to design their own electives.

The average salary and bonus for the Berkeley Haas full-time class of 2021 was $168,041, and 88.3% of students received job offers within three months of graduation.

What Sets Berkeley Haas Apart

  • Small Classes at One of the Smallest Programs: Along with having a class size of under 300 students, Berkeley Haas classes are small in numbers as well. The scale of the program fosters a tight-knit community for students to learn collaboratively.
  • Analytics Value: Analytics are a large part of the school’s leadership development practices. Through their studies, Haas students gain the analytical tools and knowledge required to become successful leaders. Due to the school’s emphasis on analytics, it may be harder to gain admission to the MBA program with a low quantitative score.
  • Access to Silicon Valley: The San Francisco Bay Area is home to more than 2,000 tech companies, providing unparalleled access to hands-on learning, internships, networking and career opportunities. Berkeley Haas partners with industry leaders to bring the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley to campus, giving students invaluable insight into real-world business practices.
  • Experiential Learning: Over half of Berkeley Haas’s electives feature experiential learning, designed to help students strengthen their leadership skills through hands-on projects. During their studies, Haas students are required to choose from at least one of 20 Applied Innovation courses. These courses are taken in tandem with a teamwork module to make the experience as dynamic as possible.

Berkeley Haas 2023 Class Profile

The Berkeley Haas class of 2023 is made up of 291 students and had a 17.6% acceptance rate.

The latest class profile also reports that 49% of these students identify as U.S. minorities, 37% have international citizenship, and 16% were first-generation college students.

Class of 2023 students came from a variety of pre-MBA industries, the most popular being consulting, financial services, and high technology/electronics. On average, the class had 5.5 years of work experience prior to beginning their studies.

Students also pursued several different undergraduate majors. Top areas of study include engineering, economics, and business/commerce.

While there is no minimum GMAT or GRE score required to apply to Berkeley Haas, students in the class of 2023 scored as follows:

Average GMAT:
  • 726
Average GRE:
  • 161 Verbal
  • 162 Quant 
Average GPA:
  • 3.67

Joint/Dual Degrees Offered

Berkeley Haas also offers joint and dual degrees for those interested in pursuing more than one academic discipline or area of expertise. These include:

  • MBA/MPH: This dual-degree program between Berkeley Haas and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health prepares students for senior positions in various health-related industries. Students take MBA and MPH courses at the same time and have the chance to partake in two summer internships. The MBA/MPH program is highly selective and accepts approximately 20 students each year. 
  • MBA/MEng: Berkeley’s new integrated MBA/MEng program prepares students to take on leadership positions in technological innovation within any industry. Students take business courses at Haas and engineering courses in the College of Engineering.
  • JD/MBA: Berkeley’s JD/MBA dual-degree program allows students to build a strong foundation in law and management. Students take courses at Berkeley Law and Berkeley Haas and have the option to take law courses at Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco or Berkeley Law.

2021-2022 Berkeley Haas Application Deadlines and Timeline

  • Application Deadline: September 23, 2021
  • Decision: December 16, 2021
  • Application Deadline: January 6, 2022
  • Decision: March 24, 2022


  • Application Deadline: April 7, 2022
  • Decision: May 12, 2022

Berkeley Haas Client Testimonials

Class of 2024
I worked with Scott and his team for my MBA applications this year. I had a great experience and have received offers from the Kellogg MBAi program, and full-time MBA programs at Haas, Ross, and Tepper (with $40K). It was great working with the team. I felt that their understanding of what different schools are... Read More

— 4 School Admit

Class of 2022
The people at Personal MBA Coach were a crucial asset in my MBA application process. As a civil engineer, I was worried that my professional background would hinder me during the application process, but the advisors at Personal MBA Coach helped me turn it into an asset. Personal MBA Coach helped me put together a... Read More

— Berkeley Haas

Class of 2022
I chose to go with Scott after making the usual consultation rounds as I felt our initial chat was the most earnest and straightforward out of everyone that I talked to. I liked the fact that his business model allowed him to personally oversee my application process the whole way through. Scott’s pedigree is second... Read More

— Berkeley Haas

Personal MBA Coach’s Tips For Getting Into Berkeley Haas

If you think Berkeley Haas may be a good fit for you and are ready to apply, take a look at Personal MBA Coach’s Berkeley Haas MBA Essays and Application Deadlines: 2021-2022.

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