Cornell Johnson MBA Program Overview

Cornell Johnson’s connection to the undergraduate university is a key part of the MBA experience. The business school program deliberately offers small classes to foster collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills. 

Recently, Cornell Johnson has enhanced its core curriculum after surveying numerous corporate recruiters and alumni. The school attests that students have seen a faster and more substantial ROI, along with significant career advancement, following these curriculum changes.

The business school has three core values that lie at the heart of the MBA experience. These include “the value of a solid education in all key business functions,” “the importance of strong analytical and decision-making skills,” and “a focus on offering the greatest flexibility in tailoring individual curricula.”

The average salary and bonus for the Cornell Johnson full-time class of was $173,185, and 94.6% of students received job offers within three months of graduation.

What Sets Cornell Johnson Apart

  • Industry-Focused Experiences: Cornell Johnson is specifically known for its industry advantage. The MBA program provides hands-on experiences to support students’ career goals, offering particularly strong support in consulting, entrepreneurship, investment banking, and technology.
  • Challenging, Collaborative Community: While the full-time MBA program offers intense academics, the school emphasizes the importance of tackling challenges as part of a team. Students will collaboratively work on projects, research, go on international trips, and more. Even Cornell Johnson’s career development and recruiting process takes a non-competitive, team-based approach.
  • Immersion Learning: After completing the majority of their core MBA courses in the fall, first-year students beginning their second semester have the opportunity to select an immersion learning experience. These experiences provide students with networking opportunities and give them the chance to hone their problem-solving skills through real-life business situations.
  • Emphasis on Theory and Practice: Cornell Johnson’s coursework blends theory and practice, allowing students to build flexible skills that they can apply to the constantly changing business world. Johnson students also have abundant opportunities to focus on and strengthen their career-specific pursuits.

2023 Cornell Johnson MBA Class Profile

The Cornell Johnson class of 2023 is made up of 304 students and had a 29.4% acceptance rate.

Of these students, 39% identify as women and 25% identify as under represented minorities. Cornell Johnson’s class profile also reports that 35% of the class are of international origin, representing 30 countries. Additionally, 9% of students are US military members.

On average, the class of 2023 had 5 years of pre-MBA professional experience, and the average age is 28. 

The median GPA and GMAT score for Cornell Johnson’s latest class profile is as follows. The school also accepts the GRE, though this information is not noted in the latest class profile.

Median GMAT:
  • 710
Median GPA:
  • 3.34

Joint/Dual Degrees Offered

Cornell Johnson also offers joint and dual degrees for those interested in pursuing more than one academic discipline or area of expertise. These include:

  • JD/MBA: This dual degree program between Cornell Johnson and Cornell University Law School allows students to expand their legal and business knowledge. Students will take courses at the law school during their first year and Johnson core courses in the summer of their first year. Over the remaining two years, they will take a mix of law and business courses.
  • MILR/MBA: This dual degree program allows students to earn a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations. The degree is offered between Cornell’s ILR School and Cornell Johnson, focusing on general management, along with leadership, decision-making, and conflict resolution.
  • MD/MBA: Cornell’s Weill Medical College and Cornell Johnson have partnered to offer this dual-degree program for those interested in medicine and business. The program prepares students for leadership roles in major health organizations, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, and other health-related businesses.
  • MHA/MBA: Cornell’s Master of Health Administration and MBA dual degree combines general management curriculum with a specialized healthcare focus. The program readies students for positions in various healthcare organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, management consulting, health insurance, and more.

2021-2022 Cornell Johnson MBA Application Deadlines and Timeline

  • Application Deadline: October 12, 2021
  • Application Deadline: January 5, 2022


  • Application Deadline: April 12, 2022

Cornell Johnson Client Testimonials

Class of 2024
I knew I’d have a hard time applying to T15 schools because I, perhaps, didn’t have as strong of a profile as most other T15 applicants. So, I searched for consultants that not only would help me highlight my strengths but also help me strategically apply to schools. I’m grateful to share that Scott and... Read More

— Cornell Johnson

Class of 2023
Would highly recommend using Personal MBA Coach! Scott was great with helping me think about what business schools to apply to and advising on my candidacy. He also helped me on identifying my goals during business school and beyond, which will serve me well throughout my career. He was also helpful in advising me on... Read More

— Cornell Johnson

Class of 2021
I had an amazing experience with Scott. He is willing to go above and beyond to help you throughout the admission process – regardless of where you are or what you need help with. Personally, he helped me with school selection, presenting my resume, essays, interview prep, and everything that happens in between. Scott and... Read More

— Cornell Johnson

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