Last year, most of my clients were referred to me by past clients thrilled with their success. My boutique consulting approach is unique, and to ensure it remains that way, I only accept a limited number of clients per year. Contact me for a consultation to learn more about my personal approach. Client testimonials are below and additional references are available upon request.
Stanford GSB

Stanford GSB

"Drawing from his deep understanding of how to tailor a successful application package, Scott continually challenged me to craft the unique and authentic essays that opened the doors to the top MBA programs for me."

— Stanford GSB graduate


“I highly recommend working with Scott and the team! In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable about each school’s admissions process, Scott spent the time to listen and internalize my story. Ultimately, he helped me to identify and highlight my most relevant experiences to appeal to each school. Personal MBA Coach is also extremely organized and has fantastic response times. To that end, after deciding to apply very late in the process, I applied to 5 schools in an approximate 45-day span and finished with plenty of time to spare. The team kept me on track with specific due dates for requesting (and following up on) recommendations, brainstorming, and submitting essay drafts. Finally, Scott found the time to jump on impromptu calls to calm my nerves more than once. I was accepted at my dream school and could not be more pleased with my experience working with Personal MBA Coach.”


— Wharton, class of 2022

Columbia Business School

"If you're going to hire a consultant, hire Scott. Hands down, he was the most straightforward and helpful of the 10+ consultants I spoke with on the phone for initial intro calls. He also always kept his word and was very responsive, kind, and fair. I was hesitant to hire a consultant at first, but after speaking with him (and meeting him in person at an MBA fair - a huge plus, as he does speaking engagements across the country), I knew I had made the right choice. From day 1, Scott was a value add and clearly very smart, and really helped me craft the best possible version of my story. He will not do the work for you but will guide you towards your best work product and help your authentic voice shine through, which is really the best you can ask for in an admissions consultant! He also was super helpful in continuing to offer his support even after I was admitted to my dream school and looking for pre-MBA internships. The cherry on top is that he's super positive and easy to work with!


Highly recommend Scott - best admissions consultant in the business!"


— Columbia Business School, class of 2022

MIT Sloan

“Trying to find an ideal MBA coach is a tricky partnership. You need to find someone who is honest, understandable, and is able to work with you to be as creative as possible. I had interviewed a few coaches and instantly felt the connection with Scott. As I made a decision to apply very late into the year and was very close to deadlines, Scott was very specific on the schools that I could potentially get into to. As I had a very interesting background, I had gone ahead and wrote my life history – which gave him insight to really dive deep to see what I wanted. He then helped me be more specific with my background and overall achievements and fine-tuned things that were needed to make me a great candidate for these programs. I got tutoring for my EA exam as well as interview coaching. I ended up getting into my dream school!!!


Thanks a lot to Scott and his team for helping me every step of the way!”


— MIT Sloan Fellows, class of 2021

Columbia Business School

"I have a GPA that falls in the bottom 20% of my target schools, and a GMAT of 710. My non-traditional background made my profile relatively risky. Scott immediately pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of my applications, yet still believed in me despite the competitiveness of my target schools. He always provided fast and great quality responses, was patient, and always pushed me to improve every single detail in my application. I applied to a top school in Europe, with one of the lowest acceptance rates among Europe's top schools, and to an M7 school, and got accepted into both.


Looking back, I can tell for sure that it would have been near impossible to even get an interview if it weren't for Scott's help. I am proud to have made the decision to work with Scott, and highly recommend him to anyone out there who needs help in their application!"


— Columbia Business School, class of 2021


“During the early stages of my search, I spoke with several consultants who worked for and promised the resources of a large organization. However, on my call with Scott, he promised me that he would personally review every aspect of my application – from the conversation about picking schools to getting the admit call – and he absolutely did!


Writing essays with Scott was incredibly easy – he challenged me to find my motivations and the right personal stories to demonstrate them. He had significant knowledge on what each school was looking for and helped guide my writing accordingly. Although Scott will not write your essays for you, he will push you by asking the right questions and make the writing process much more genuine and engaging.


I was eventually admitted to 3 M7 schools and 1 T15 (half-ride) with a mediocre GPA, which speaks volumes about Scott's methods. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a more personal touch from the owner of the consulting firm directly.”

— Kellogg, class of 2022

Harvard Business School

“I reached out to Personal MBA Coach for their "Gut Check" service less than two weeks before the deadlines for my two schools - HBS (admitted) and Stanford GSB (waitlisted) - and I'm super glad I did. Prior to sending it over, I was positive about my application and had spent two months on it. However, Scott and his team dug deep and provided strong constructive feedback that showed I still had a long way to go. They even went beyond the provisions of the package and reviewed additional edits for each application. Within a week, my application was looking much better. I highly recommend Scott and his team at any stage of your application process!”


— Harvard Business School, class of 2022

Chicago Booth

"Personal MBA Coach was an incredibly smart and rewarding investment. Scott couldn't have been more helpful and supportive throughout the entire application process. He took the time to understand my whole story and helped solidify my ideas into a very compelling narrative. He also retained all the information I gave him about myself and my career goals and was able to help me apply personal anecdotes in various essays where I wouldn't have even thought to include them. In addition, Scott was fully committed to me as an applicant. I had consultations with other admissions consulting companies but they seemed to be trying to fit me into their schedules. Scott was available anytime, throughout 2 rounds of applications, and worked around my schedule to make the most of our time and help me succeed. Finally, Scott is extremely friendly and personable. I was never intimidated or anxious that I didn't have enough accomplished when we spoke. Rather, he would ask questions to probe ideas or stories out of me.


He truly made this whole application process much less daunting and I can’t thank him enough for that. I would enthusiastically recommend Personal MBA coach and can’t speak highly enough of Scott. Thanks for everything!" 


— Chicago Booth, class of 2017

Columbia Business School

"When doing my initial search for an admissions consultant, I was first drawn to the big-name consulting companies. Yet, after doing more research I realized that I did not merely want to be another faceless customer at one of these big firms. I knew that I needed the personalized support that Scott @ Personal MBA Coach provides in order to get through the application process in one piece. The whole application process, from b-school research to essay writing, is intensive, time-consuming, and stressful. I highly recommend Scott as the person ripe for the job to get you through it—with success. Truth be told, Scott gets into the minutiae of the entire application, including the 50 character explanations for my ECs in your undergraduate studies. From countless essay edits to much-needed mock interviews, Scott was there for me at every step. 

Scott’s one-on-one support is exactly what I needed to conquer this arduous process and engineer an admission to my dream school of Columbia."

— Columbia Business School, class of 2019

Cornell Johnson

“I had an amazing experience with Scott. He is willing to go above and beyond to help you throughout the admission process-regardless of where you are or what you need help with. Personally, he helped me with school selection, presenting my resume, essays, interview prep, and everything that happens in between. Scott and his team are always happy to answer any ad hoc questions I had and will jump on the phone day or night. Scott was an amazing resource to have and helped me get into my #1 choice. I strongly recommend other students to use Personal MBA Coach. Thank you, Scott!!”


— Cornell Johnson, class of 2021

Harvard Business School

"We all think we understand how to put together an application, but until one engages in the detailed revisions, it is difficult to understand the benefit of a professional such as Scott. Scott kept me honest and forced me to think outside the box. Getting the HBS acceptance was worth every minute, and I could not have done it without Scott!"

— Harvard Business School, class of 2013


"Scott did an excellent job of understanding my entire application and not simply the essays I wrote. I was very pleased with my results and look forward to starting at Wharton this fall." 

— Wharton, class of 2012

London Business School

"Unsure of the differences between the European and the US business schools, I first reached out to Scott for guidance on where to apply. From the initial school selection strategy brainstorming to deciding which school to ultimately attend, Scott was invaluable. Most impressive, his guidance on the letters of recommendation were incredible. London is incredible and LBS is a great experience." 

— London Business School, class of 2013

UCLA Anderson

“Working with Scott was the best decision I made in the arduous application process. He was HIGHLY responsive to any questions or concerns I had during this stressful time. My only regret is not doing the 5 school package (I chose the 3 school package). Scott really knows how to present your story in the best way possible to maximize your chances of admission and scholarship. If you're serious about an MBA, get started with him sooner rather than later!! Scott is more than just a consultant; he is a mentor and life coach!”


— UCLA Anderson, class of 2021

Wharton (EMBA)

"Having been out of school for over ten years, the application process was something I initially dreaded. Luckily I was referred to Scott because he immediately put me at ease and talked through the process with me. Shortly after he started pushing me and in a matter of weeks we took my career and life story and turned it into an extremely strong application. Scott forces you to think differently and think outside the box, something crucial for this process. Additionally, Scott strikes the perfect balance between being a tough critic and a friendly supporter. I couldn't get one sloppy sentence by Scott without having him critique it, but it is that level of detail that led to my Wharton acceptance letter (and saved me hours of time)! Scott knows what works and even helped me get a fantastic scholarship to cover my whole tuition. The investment working with Scott is well worth it!  

— Wharton Executive MBA, class of 2017

Chicago Booth

“When I first applied to business school in 2016, I was rejected by six of the M7 schools. With Scott’s guidance in 2018, I was able to secure acceptances from Kellogg, Booth and Sloan, and was offered a combined $170K in scholarship money from Kellogg and Booth.


I started the process with Scott after meeting him in late July 2018 after The MBA Tour and listening to his talk about the 10 things that one must do to prepare for applications. He seemed very knowledgeable and mentioned his connections with admissions offices, all while offering insights that I would never find online. I immediately signed up with him and am so glad that I did.


Scott took the time to thoroughly understand my background before laying out our plan of attack. Scott’s guidance made me feel very assured and confident in myself throughout the process. He steered me in the right direction on how to prioritize apps and plan out my essays for each school, recommending that I focus on particular topics that would resonate with admissions based on my background and what he knew they would look for.


We developed such great chemistry that we would be emailing each other practically every other day for the next two months. We scheduled phone calls to strategize our attach for each school’s application. He’s also been available at a moment’s notice for me to call him with more pressing matters, such as how I should rationalize the factors that went into my decision of deciding the business school this fall. This encapsulates what I have truly enjoyed most about working with Scott — he is candid in his feedback, available at a moment’s notice, and provides great perspective on the admissions process given his history working with other clients.


If you are considering the investment, I would highly encourage you to sign up with Scott. Working with the founder of a top consulting firm is a huge plus, and I think it would give you the confidence that you’d need to secure placements at top MBA programs.”


— Chicago Booth, class of 2021

Harvard Business School

"With Scott's consulting I was accepted into three of my top four choices. He really knows what works and makes the process simpler than I thought possible. More impressively, he worked with me on an aggressive timeline and was always available when I needed him. I'm not sure if he sleeps, but I'm not complaining. HBS admit under my belt." 

— Harvard Business School, class of 2012

Stanford GSB

"Fabulous! As a non-native English speaker, I was very worried about applications. Besides putting me at ease, Scott helped me in my crazy dream to attend a top US business school. I didn't know it was possible to get so close to someone personally who is on the other side of the world (11.5 hr time difference), but Scott made it work and got me into Stanford. Every single detail is scrutinized by Scott, even the thank-you letters after the interview. My only regret is not listening to him when he told me to apply to fewer schools. I applied to 7 schools and got into 6 of them. Don't even think about using anybody else. Call Scott before he books up, you won't regret it." 

— Stanford GSB, class of 2016

UCLA Anderson

"Applying to MBA programs can be a daunting task. Between writing the essays, preparing for interviews, and finally deciding on a school that fits, the entire experience is rigorous. Scott prepared me for every single step of the process. He guided me on targeting the programs I was interested in, helped me brainstorm and compose the essays, and trained me for the interviews. I am happy to say I was accepted to every single school I applied to; UCLA Anderson, NYU Stern, Georgetown McDonough, and USC Marshall.


I would not have been able to accomplish this without Scott's guidance. His experience helped me complete entire applications in a matter of days with minimal stress. I highly recommend Scott if you are serious about being accepted to the best MBA programs available to you." 

— UCLA Anderson, class of 2019

Chicago Booth

"The Personal MBA Coach Team has been instrumental in my MBA admissions journey. They truly made it possible for me to achieve my long term dream of getting admitted to a top business school. 

The team's thorough knowledge of the entire application process and guidance on how best to position myself along with various nuances related to each school, The Personal MBA Coach really customized and supported me extensively throughout the MBA process. 

I am a non-traditional MBA candidate, with a PhD and a little older than traditional applications that was discouraged by other MBA coaching and advisory services in terms of my aspirations of getting admitted to a full-time program. But once I spoke with Personal MBA Coach, he provided a lot of support and helped me build confidence to pursue the effort and clearly defined a working strategy for me specifically. 

He and his team are thorough, diligent, pragmatic, and realistic. With my profile, he was very honest about what I need to work on to get to my target and how to go about it. 

Unlike other MBA admissions advisory services, The Personal MBA Coach is truly personal and goes the extra mile to provide the best in class service, advisory, and support throughout the process of MBA admissions. They are available and ready to answer any question and very flexible in terms of scheduling. 

Scott has a deep understanding of each school and what is needed for them to tailor the application in the best way. Throughout the process of working with Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team, I not only got admitted into the Full-Time MBA program - at the University of Chicago - Booth School of Business, but also developed key insights about myself, becoming a better writer, interviewee, and strategic thinker. 

My sincerest thanks to the Personal MBA Coach and team and I strongly recommend working with this team if one truly wants to achieve their MBA goals and dreams." 

— Chicago Booth, class of 2020

Columbia Business School

"Thank you for the brilliant work on my application. I knew I had the experience but did not really know how to put it all together. Columbia has been a great experience so far and I could not have gotten here without the Personal MBA Coach expert help. I was pushed in ways I didn't know possible, but it was worth it in the end." 

— Columbia Business School, class of 2013

MIT Sloan

I couldn’t have made it to my dream school, MIT Sloan, without Scott and his team’s timely support and guidance. The team was super responsive and to the point with their questions, prompts and edits. This allowed me to iterate through my ideas and bring relevant information into my essays. The entire process gave me clarity of thought, helped me identify my strengths and even made me a better writer by the end of it.


I am so glad that I had the Personal MBA Coach team by my side, and I couldn’t recommend them more. It is one of the best decisions that I made to reach my goal.


— MIT Sloan Fellows, class of 2022

Georgetown McDonough

“I can’t say enough good things about Scott and his team. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is applying to business school. His personal approach is unique. Anytime we needed to chat, he was available for calls. I always spoke to him, as his team operated efficiently in the background. Scott was always expedient on responding to emails and he was meticulous when he provided suggested edits to essays and application prompts. If we did not see eye-to-eye on a certain detail as it pertained to the essays or application, he would explain his thoughts in-depth, and then we would come to an agreed upon decision on how to approach. Ultimately, he helped me achieve my goal of getting into one of my top choices, and I cannot be any happier.


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team to achieve my dream of matriculating at a top-20 MBA program. Thank you again, Scott!”


— Georgetown McDonough, class of 2022

Harvard Business School

"If you are even considering working with an MBA consultant, be sure to talk to Scott first. From essay writing to letter of recommendation support to general application questions, Scott is always available and has great insights. The best part about working with Scott is how well he gets to know you early in the process. This helps not only when cultivating your story but also when writing essays. 


Prior to working with Scott, I wondered how a single person would be able to do so much but he exceeded my expectations by miles. He challenges you to think carefully and methodically about your application and his ability to provide feedback on a holistic application is impressive. He is always available via phone and email.


Thanks to Scott and his support, I will be attending my dream school, Harvard Business School, next fall."

— Harvard Business School, class of 2018


"I strongly recommend Scott for those seeking efficient, personable, and incredibly valuable advice on how to navigate the incredibly daunting MBA process. While it is a huge financial commitment (I went all in for 3 schools) to use a consultant and I was initially hesitant, it was worth EVERY cent and I would use the Personal MBA Coach team again in a heartbeat.


They are a team that will provide direct and honest feedback, help you refine and strengthen your narrative/essays, and consistently respond to drafts well before the agreed-on 2-day timeline. They will not spend countless hours on the phone with you but will answer emails on every component of the application process very quickly and truly are supportive. Different from my terrible experience with one of the largest consulting companies before I found Scott, the Personal MBA Coach team actually CARED about ME personally, and treated me as a human rather than a data point. Despite my initial conversations with the large, most popular consulting company who told me my school selection was unrealistic, after applying to 3 schools with the help of the Personal MBA Coach team, I got into Ross with a full ride and Kellogg with just over half of my tuition covered. I was also wait-listed at Duke. I am very grateful to the Personal MBA team for making my experience successful and am overjoyed to start my MBA at Kellogg next year!"

— Kellogg, class of 2023

Chicago Booth

“Scott was an absolutely amazing resource throughout the application process. When I first started working with Scott, I hadn't hit my desired GMAT/GRE score and he was upfront and candid about what was realistic considering my score at that time. I really appreciated that he didn't pander but was honest and constructive in his feedback. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable on the nuance of what each school is looking for and he gave me great advice for tailoring my story accordingly. His comments on my essays were always very constructive and helped me to think about my message from an outsider’s perspective. He was always really quick to respond, and I felt like I got a tailored, personal approach rather than a one size fits all package. 

I also utilized the mock interviews, which were definitely a game-changer for me. Post mock interview feedback was again constructive and candid and was a great way to practice that I wouldn't have done on my own. Mocks gave me a lot more confidence going into the real interviews.

I got into some really great schools and will be attending Booth in the fall. I definitely accredit my success to the support I received from Scott. Would 100% recommend him!”


— Chicago Booth, class of 2021

Stanford GSB

“Coming from Europe with little knowledge about the US admissions process and what it takes to get in, I googled and ultimately contacted six admissions consultants. Scott and his team were by far the best - the personal touch in the very first conversation makes you quickly feel at ease. Even within our first conversation, he could already tell where I should put my focus on and suggested a timeline I should pursue. He always pushed me to deliver quick turnaround times to 'consume' my mind and craft the best possible essay. With his incredible turnaround time of usually less than 24 hours, it was amazing to see how my essays completely transformed from ’something’ to ‘great’ while still clearly being my own. I am now attending my dream school, Stanford GSB, something that would not have been possible without this fantastic help. Stop looking, hire Scott - trust me!”

— Stanford GSB, class of 2022

Chicago Booth

“Scott helped me with school selection and resume prep while I was also on the waitlist for the previous year. I ended up getting off the waitlist, so our time was shorter than expected, but our interactions were all extremely positive. I instantly connected with his straightforward style of both written and verbal feedback – this was helpful at significantly improving my application in a relatively short amount of time. Scott’s patience is also evident – he took the time to address all of my questions/insecurities and made me feel more confident in my chances in the M7. Since we talked in the spring, he also advised me on ways to strengthen my resume by the R1 deadlines. Most of all, it was obvious that Scott cared about my application and is passionate about the ins and outs of the admissions process, which is the most I could have asked for out of anyone I’m working with. Absolutely would recommend to my friends.”


— Chicago Booth, class of 2021

Yale SOM

“I have no words to express how grateful I am for all the guidance and support that Scott provided during the MBA application process. I was admitted into 4 out of 8 MBA programs I applied to and received a full scholarship to the one most dear to my heart. My experience with Scott was absolutely invaluable and I know I would not have been able to succeed without him. He was there for me every step of the way. From the first moment I talked to Scott, it was obvious that he truly cares about me and was fully vested in my success. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for an MBA consultant. I could have not asked for a better coach. Thank you, Scott!”


— Yale SOM, class of 2021

Harvard Business School

"I worked with a larger admissions consulting firm last year and did not have success. I was going to give up and do it myself until my friend put me in touch with Scott, who was a life saver! Scott LOVES what he does and working with Personal MBA Coach was the best decision I have made in my career. From the initial deep strategy brainstorming session to the 8th review of my HBS essay, Scott was deeply invested in my success. The level of detail he gets into is quite impressive and his energy and availability blow everyone else out of the water. I got into 5 of the 6 programs I applied to and will be starting at HBS in a few months. I have sent 3 friends of mine to Personal MBA Coach and they are all equally thrilled. Give Scott a call now and don't think twice."

— Harvard Business School, class of 2018

Berkeley Haas

"I chose to go with Scott after making the usual consultation rounds as I felt our initial chat was the most earnest and straightforward out of everyone that I talked to. I liked the fact that his business model allowed him to personally oversee my application process the whole way through.


Scott's pedigree is second to none as is his deep deep knowledge of the top institutions and the candidate profiles they go after. I knew I needed someone to help me craft my story and help me refine my essays, and Scott's team was able to push me to produce materials that surpassed my expectations. He won't do the work for you, and that's essential to creating a sincere story that addresses what adcoms are looking for. I also found the team performing interview prep both honest and invaluable and was able to use their advice across multiple schools. I'm extremely pleased with my decision to work with Scott and recommend him to any candidate, especially those that are new or have little experience to the application process."


— Berkeley Haas, class of 2022

MIT Sloan

"I did not realize how important it was to not just sound genuine but also interested in all of the details I had not considered about the schools. Scott identified which programs would be relevant for me, which ones to stress in my application, and how to package it all together. A great help! Icing on the cake after the essay editing." 

— MIT Sloan, class of 2012


"I give my highest possible recommendation for Scott; I would and have wholeheartedly recommended him to my closest friends. The application process is incredibly time-consuming, stressful, and costly. After working with a big-name firm in the previous cycle and ending up severely disappointed, I came to Scott disillusioned and skeptical about the whole process. Thankfully, his exceptional expertise, reliability, and professionalism put my concerns to rest. He won’t BS you or tell you simply what you want to hear, yet he’s also incredibly supportive and flexible as well. He was willing to tailor a package to fit my needs. The biggest takeaway for me was knowing/feeling that he was committed to my success (which I hadn’t felt with the consultant from the large firm). When I was admitted to 2 of 3 schools I applied for, he was just as thrilled as my closest friends." 

— Wharton, class of 2016


"Scott was absolutely instrumental to my success in the business school application process; there was no way I would have been as successful and comfortable without him. 

From our very first conversation, it was clear that Scott had exactly the expertise, experience, and empathy I was looking for in an excellent MBA coach. Scott guided me through the entire process, including picking my target schools, setting milestones and deadlines, crafting my story, reviewing my applications, essays, and recommendations, interview prep, and even up to post-offer strategy. 

Throughout the process, Scott was extremely available at all times of the day; there was not a moment that I was worried that he would not be available to me for an important part of the process. In addition, he pulled no punches; he was truly fully invested in my success and pointed out my strengths and weaknesses clearly and specifically. 

Again, without Scott's guidance, the MBA application process would certainly have been a much harder and stressful process and there could very well have been a different outcome for me in the end."

— Wharton, class of 2020

Duke Fuqua

"I thought I had well-defined goals and a decent story before I was introduced to Scott. He (very politely) had me redefine my goals in a context that made more sense and told a powerful story. The combination of professionalism and personalization is why I found the application process with Scott so rewarding. The benefits of working with a "niche player" should not be underestimated. Scott's passion was clear from day 1 and I was always able to reach him as questions arose. I wish I had him when applying to undergraduate schools!" 

— Fuqua, class of 2014

Harvard Business School

"In a very short time, Scott helped me turn my mediocre essays into a successful application that secured me a spot at HBS. I have been here for a year and love it. Thanks so much Scott!!" 

— Harvard Business School, class of 2011

Wharton (EMBA)

“Wharton. EMBA. Admitted. My dream comes true. Scott is the best MBA consultant. I could only prepare my EMBA application 4 weeks before the R2 application deadline. Some other consultants said it was not possible, but Scott said, “it is doable. Let’s do it.” Scott was resourceful, diligent, and honest throughout the application process. He has an amazing EA teacher, Marissa, that helped me acquire the skills necessary to tackle the EA exam with a decent score. Without working with him and his team, I would have never admitted to the Wharton EMBA program – the only EMBA program that I applied to in 2020.”


— Wharton Executive MBA, class of 2022

Columbia Business School

"After meeting with and chatting with over 7 MBA admissions consultants, ranging from the biggest brand names to the smallest independents, I decided to go with Scott, Personal MBA Coach, as my advisor for 8 schools. Not because he was the most optimistic or the most pessimistic, but because he seemed honest and like an easy guy to work with, with an equal to or better track record of success versus his competitors. 

We agreed on some “safe” schools, some “matches,” and some “reaches,” and decided that a strategy of applying to 8 match-to-reaches with no safety schools would be an optimal strategy for my goals and risk tolerance. I applied to all of the M7+Tuck, and to my surprise received offers of admission to 3 of the 8 schools, with interviews and eventual waitlist at 2 more, which I chose not to pursue. 

As a realist, I understand that a lot of your profile is set in stone. GMAT, GPA, Work Experience… but there is still a huge amount of room to market yourself in a certain way that Personal MBA Coach was key in. Knowing what pieces of my career and background to emphasize were part of this. 

One additional reason I chose Personal MBA Coach over some of the larger companies was that he ensured me that whether it was interview prep, essay brainstorming, or essay revisions, he would be the only person I spoke and dealt with whether by phone or email. This ended up being absolutely 100% true. There are of course other good consultants out there, but Scott is extremely connected to the process and is able to identify trends that others cannot." 

— Columbia Business School, class of 2018

MIT Sloan

“I hired Scott after I spoke to a few consultants, some of them even suggested me to not apply with 3 years of work experience. However, Scott took on the challenge to help me build my story. He spent a considerable amount of time getting to know me, and then drafting the story with me. He was extremely honest (a MUST quality in a consultant). He helped me optimize my school selection process, pushed me to give GMAT again to improve my score, and helped me get into 3 schools of my choice. I would definitely recommend him for the MBA application journey.”


— MIT Sloan, class of 2021

Dartmouth Tuck

"I applied from one of the most competitive categories in MBA – Indian Male engineer. My age was on the higher side (30 yrs) and my GMAT score of 730 was a little low for the competitive category of Indian Male engineers. I was also a reapplicant. 

One of my friends recommended Scott to me. I worked with Scott on three schools. Got waitlisted in Kellogg and accepted in Tuck. 

1) Scott is very professional, humble, and straight forward. If something is lacking in the essay or some part of your profile needs work, Scott will tell you in a straightforward manner ( without sugar coating). This is one of the best things a liked about him – he gives honest feedback. 

2) His insights on what the admission committee of different schools seeks are fantastic. Therefore, his recommendations on which school to apply for were very useful. In fact, I wasn’t even considering applying to Kellogg, but Scott recommended that I apply and I was waitlisted. 

3) He will push you to self-reflect and think more about your experiences and stories. 

4) One of Scott’s associates who is an ex-Kellogg interviewer took my mock interview. Her feedback on the mock interview was very helpful and she gave detailed question-by-question feedback. She also coached me on how to answer the questions. My confidence post the mock interview increased tremendously. 

Overall, I wouldn’t have done it without Scott’s coaching and help. He helped me navigate through each part of the MBA application process and I got through my dream school – Tuck. Thank you, Scott. I wholeheartedly recommend Personal MBA Coach for MBA applications." 

— Dartmouth Tuck, class of 2020

NYU Stern (EMBA)

"I knew I wanted to work full-time while getting my MBA and not leave NYC, so that didn't leave many options. Plus, I love the village and only really wanted to go to Stern. My crazy work schedule makes me pretty difficult to work with, but Scott made it work while pushing me very hard along the way. Twice I thought I was done but Scott forced me to keep improving my essays. Leave it to the expert as I not only got in but I received a great scholarship." 

— NYU Stern Executive MBA, class of 2014

Yale SOM

"Coming from a small consulting firm, I was afraid that I didn't have the brand cache to get into a good business school. Working with Scott, I was able to describe myself and my experiences in a way that set me apart from many peers, including those at larger firms. Since I had very clearly defined post-MBA goals, Scott recommended the best programs that could help me achieve those goals. After two years at SOM I have my dream job and to be honest, Scott's intense interview preparation helped me not only for my business school applications but my job interviews!" 

— Yale SOM, class of 2013


“When I reached out to Personal MBA Coach, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect in the MBA application process. Scott was so patient and understanding, helping guide me each step of the way for the application. I’m sure it was not easy for him considering my spelling and grammar errors are notoriously bad. In the end, I was able to get into my top MBA program choice! Thank you so much Personal MBA Coach!”


— Kelley Direct MBA, class of 2022


"I worked with Personal MBA Coach and thought the experience was worth every penny. I got into both the schools I had applied to (INSEAD and Columbia Business School). I worked with Scott and he was very responsive, gave excellent feedback, and gave me as much time as I needed. I do not think my essays would have been as sharp without his help. He also helped me brainstorm ideas on how to make my story most impactful. 

When it came to interview rounds, it was helpful to do mock interviews. In short, Scott was available throughout the process for anything I needed. I definitely recommend working with him." 

— INSEAD, class of 2018


“I decided to work with Scott after doing consultations with four other firms. I was very disillusioned about the industry and wasn’t sure if I even wanted to work with anyone. Upon speaking with him, I was very pleasantly surprised by our natural chemistry and his easygoing nature. Rather than pushing a cookie-cutter narrative for my industry, he asked me for my story and pointed out areas that I should give more thought to. I was incredibly aggressive/ambitious in my school selection, however, Scott was very encouraging while still holding me accountable.


Scott’s team pushed me to take my essays to new levels which I can now appreciate was instrumental in bringing my personality to life in the application. When I did not perform well on my GMAT, Scott was very direct with me that I was jeopardizing my future success. After leveraging Personal MBA Coach’s GMAT tutoring service, I was able to hit my target score. The interview prep, specifically for Wharton’s TBD, helped me ease my nerves before the actual interviews. I was waitlisted at my top choice and heavily relied on Scott's guidance in writing update letters and also for strategies on how to navigate the smoke and mirrors of being a waitlisted candidate.


I have so much respect for Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach. Their commitment to helping early-career individuals achieve their professional goals is unwavering. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for a customized partnership in the application process. I am extremely excited and proud to be following in Scott's footsteps by attending Wharton this fall!!”


— Wharton, class of 2022

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