Last year, most of our clients were referred to us by past clients thrilled with their success. Our boutique consulting approach is unique, and to ensure it remains that way, we only accept a limited number of clients per year. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about our approach. Client testimonials are below and additional references are available upon request.

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Class of 2024
Scott was of great help during the very stressful MBA application period right from helping me select my list of colleges, to guiding me on essay outlines and eventually interview prep. Scott is thorough, honest with his feedback and genuinely cares about your success. Would highly recommend his services! Read More

— MIT Sloan

Class of 2024
I used a different consultant last year and applied to 3 M7s and didn’t even get an interview. This year I worked with Scott and found him so helpful in comparison. Scott always provided feedback in a timely manner and had very helpful insights into each school. I have only applied to 1 M7 so... Read More

— Columbia Business School

Class of 2024
I met Scott 3 years ago at an MBA fair in Paris. I decided to work with him for my round 2 applications and called him pretty late in the process. I was worried about my low GPA, my age and the price tag. From the initial meeting, Scott gave me non-sugarcoated advice about my... Read More

— M7 Admit

Class of 2024
Scott and his team were absolutely fantastic! I could not have gotten through the MBA process without him! I used his services for applying to 5 schools and GMAT tutoring. I got into my top choice program at an M7 and couldn’t be happier! I started the MBA application process pretty late (treated it like... Read More

— Kellogg

Class of 2024
I worked with Scott on several schools, and I made it to Oxford, Chicago Booth, Cornell, and Imperial College. I enjoyed the experience a lot throughout, from working on my CV, essays, and preparing for interviews. The insights provided were really helpful and showed his experience through the number of applications he has worked on.... Read More

— Chicago Booth

Class of 2024
I absolutely recommend working with Scott and the whole PMC team. The amount of detail and thought put into every aspect of the application is quite incredible. Scott and his team were very easy to work with throughout the process. He will keep pushing you until your goals statement (can be used in multiple goal... Read More

— Columbia Business School

6 SCHOOL '22 ADMIT W/ $550K
Looking back on my MBA application journey, I can say with certainty that the best decision I made was to hire Personal MBA Coach. I ended up getting into every single school that I applied to with many full rides. Scott’s expertise, dedication, transparency, and most importantly, patience, allowed for my lofty goals to become... Read More

— Harvard Business School

Class of 2024
I had an amazing experience working with Scott and his team on my MBA applications this year. They took the time to really learn my story, motivations, and goals, and help me articulate those thoughtfully and authentically into my essays. They completely demystified the process for me, and were extremely patient and readily available to... Read More

— Stanford GSB

Class of 2025
Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach were absolutely incredible to work with. As someone without a lot of connections with business school experience/aspirations, finding a consultant was an important step that I had decided on quite early in my application journey. After shopping around the different options for a bit, I chose to... Read More

— Columbia Business School

Class of 2023
I worked with Scott and his team for my MIT Sloan waitlist strategy and Wharton EMBA application, and it all worked out very well. I got both offers and enjoyed the experience a lot. Unlike other firms, they will get to know you really well, provide insights from an admission perspective rather than an applicant... Read More

— Wharton EMBA

Class of 2024
I had a fantastic experience with Scott and his team. Scott gives it to you straight while ensuring that you put your best foot forward in each application. Resume and essay feedback were the highlights, with direct and pointed suggestions in every iteration. Essay feedback pushed me to really flesh out my MBA goals and... Read More

— 4 School Admit

Class of 2027
I got accepted into the Deferred Enrollment Program at CBS, and I have The Personal MBA Coach Team and Scott to thank for this. They helped connect my experiences and accomplishments to my future goals and portray it in an apt manner to the Adcoms. They are upfront about their feedback and only had my... Read More

— Columbia Business School Deferred Enrollment Program