Last year, most of our clients were referred to us by past clients thrilled with their success. Our boutique consulting approach is unique, and to ensure it remains that way, we only accept a limited number of clients per year. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about our approach. Client testimonials are below and additional references are available upon request.

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Early MBA Planning Client
When I first reached out to Scott, I was really early in the process, so he suggested I spend a few months working with MJ Shores in the Early Planning Program to really solidify my profile. I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure what Early Planning meant, but working with MJ really helped... Read More
Early MBA Planning Client
After having preliminary calls with multiple different consultants, I chose to work with Personal MBA Coach through their Early MBA Planning package and am very happy that I did. I did not realize how little I knew about how to present myself to the admissions offices and can say with confidence that without their help... Read More
Interview Prep Client I’ve known Scott and MJ through Personal MBA Coach’s TBD mock interview prep. I’ve joined a couple of mocks with other candidates before. However, I wasn’t sure about whether my performance was good enough for the real interview. I’ve connected with Scott at the Personal MBA Coach and he introduced me to... Read More
Interview Prep Client
Scott was amazing to work with. I decided to pursue a mock Wharton TBD two days before my actual interview, and when most consultants told me they didn’t have availability, Scott volunteered to stand up another TBD! It was an incredible practice, and MJ offered very specific feedback that helped me improve my performance for... Read More
Early MBA Planning Client
“I began working with Personal MBA Coach for early planning conversations approximately a year before applying in Round 1. From our earliest interactions, I knew I wanted to work with them during the application process. The other consultants I spoke with were great, but Scott and his team struck the perfect balance between believing I... Read More
Deferred MBA Client
“I am currently a college senior. I’ve worked with Scott to apply for 6 MBA programs that have early admission/ deferral program. Now I have been accepted to one school and waiting for results on others. For the school I’ve been accepted, I also got half tuition which totally paid off the consultancy fees. I... Read More
“My experience with Personal MBA Coach was very positive. Scott and his team have an abundance of knowledge that helped prepare me for not only the application phase but also the entire grad school experience. The value his team brings is significant – they helped me fine tune my story then put it into words... Read More
The interview prep, specifically for Wharton’s TBD, helped me ease my nerves before the actual interviews. I have so much respect for Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach…I am extremely excited and proud to be following in Scott’s footsteps by attending Wharton this fall!! Read More
The interview prep is the best part about working with Personal MBA Coach. My mock interviews were super important in making sure that I do well on the day! In fact, without them I am confident I would not have been nearly as good.
There was a helpful overview packet and list of questions to prepare for which gave great guidance. The simulation also had the perfect amount of people in it to get a true idea of what it would be like at the actual TBD interview. I highly suggest investing the time and money for this. It... Read More
The simulation that Personal MBA Coach was extremely helpful — the proctor was an experienced interviewer and observer for Wharton and gave constructive feedback. I felt prepared for the actual day of the interview. Read More
Dartmouth Tuck
One of Scott’s associates who is an ex-Kellogg interviewer took my mock interview. Her feedback on the mock interview was very helpful and she gave detailed question-by-question feedback. She also coached me on how to answer the questions. My confidence post the mock interview increased tremendously