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Comprehensive packages include UNLIMITED support via email, phone, Skype or in-person meetings. We start by outlining your goals and work very closely together through every step of the process until you decide what admission offer to accept. Personalized, comprehensive, on your schedule.​ 

1. Develop Your Story

The boutique one-on-one approach begins day 1. With a kick off call or meeting, Scott will learn all about you and your aspirations. Together you will select target schools, articulate your DISTINCT story and fine-tune your goals. ​

2. Resume Review 

Virtually all professional resumes need to be tailored for business school applications. Your resume will be updated from top to bottom, as many times as it takes to bring it to perfection. 

3. Essay Brainstorming and Unlimited Essay Editing 

Building from YOUR personal story, we will brainstorm topics and review award winning essays. Send your essays back for detailed edits and feedback as many times as it takes to get them right, with fast two day turnaround and direct and honest insight.  

4. LOR Support

Don’t underestimate this crucial step. Scott will guide you through selecting the ideal recommenders and preparing them so your LORs shine and align with your overall application. 

5. Interview Preparation

Seal the deal with detailed interview guides and mock interviews with former M7 admissions interviewers, followed by written feedback. For Wharton/Ross we will conduct group mock interviews and for HBS we include post interview reflection support. 

6. Waitlist Strategy & Post Acceptance Support 

Our relationship doesn’t end when you hit submit. Whether you are accepted or wait listed. Scott will continue his personal support. Find out how and when to reach out to get off the wait list and receive advice on which school best suits your goals. He will connect you with former clients at your future school as you join the small Personal MBA Coach alumni family and attend Personal MBA Coach alumni networking events. 



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