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June 17, 2022

Yale SOM Essay Tips and Application Deadlines: 2022-2023

Yale SOM Essay

Yale School of Management has released deadlines and essays for the 2022-2023 application year, leaving their essay question unchanged for the seventh year in a row.

As one of the smaller top MBA programs, Yale SOM’s intimate class size is a defining characteristic of the program, with 349 students enrolled in the class of 2023. Of these students, 43% identify as women, 44% are international passport holders, 9% are first-generation college students, and 9% identify as LGBTQ+.

The class of 2023 came from a range of pre-MBA industries, the top three being financial services, consulting and non-profit. On average, students had an average of 4.4 years of work experience.

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The Upcoming Yale SOM Application Deadlines Are as Follows:

Round 1: September 13, 2022

Round 2: January 5, 2023

Round 3: April 11, 2023

Bruce DelMonico, Assistant Dean for Admissions, has shared this advice to candidates in a previous blog post:

We have one essay question: “Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made.” We developed this question in collaboration with Amy Wrzesniewski, a professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM. Your time in business school, and the choices you make thereafter, represent significant commitments. In asking this question, the Yale SOM Admissions Committee is seeking to learn about how you have approached a commitment of importance in your life.

When it comes to choosing a topic, be genuine. We want to hear about something that is meaningful and distinctive to you, in your own voice. Your commitment can be personal, specific or expansive. We receive outstanding, insightful essays covering a wide range of topics.

The content of your essay is every bit as important as the topic. Regardless of the commitment that you choose, the most effective essays do a great job of describing your approach to commitment. Point to the specific actions that you have taken, over time, to bolster your commitment.

This is especially important if you have chosen a broad topic, such as an ideal or a belief. Don’t just explain why a commitment is important to you; we want to understand how your behaviors have demonstrated and supported your commitment.

Personal MBA Coach’s Yale SOM Essay Tips:

Yale MBA Essay: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

As you craft your Yale SOM essay, keep in mind that Yale strives to “educate leaders for business and society.” With a passionate and committed student body, Yale takes pride in the small group learning teams and close-knit community. This question gives candidates a chance to provide admissions committee members with a glimpse of who they are and what matters to them, confirming they can and will live up to the school’s lofty mission.

The commitment can be personal or professional, though I prefer to see candidates share personal experiences in their Yale SOM essays. Whatever you choose, be sure that you focus on ONE thing; do not include multiple commitments here. Past MBA essay examples have included causes, personal development areas, athletic achievements and professional pursuits.

The commitment can be something completed in the past or ongoing. However, if you select something that is ongoing, be sure that you have already made significant steps to deliver against your commitment. A commitment you just recently made and your forward-looking plans will not cut it here.

Yale SOM wants to see passion, dedication and follow-through. They want to assess how you think and how you plan effectively. Your commitment should be something that genuinely matters to you. Remember, think leader for business AND society here.

The most successful answers will show how you have delivered against this mission in the past. However, the commitment does not have to be focused on volunteer work. There are countless ways to make an impact on society.

500 words is fairly short and this is your main shot to show who you are and why you will fit in on campus. Be focused and be genuine!


Short Answer: Essay 2: How did you arrive at your career interest? How have you or will you position yourself to pursue them? (250 words)

Note: This essay cannot exceed 250 words. It is a hard limit.

Although you will share your MBA goals in a separate short-answer question, this prompt gives you the opportunity to delve into the why behind this goal. Consider the skills you are hoping to learn, the value you want to add, and the change you aspire to implement.

Think about what you have recently achieved in your career and detail the relevant skills that you have acquired. Then, discuss how Yale comes into play, thinking about clubs, classes, and resources that you hope to take advantage of.

Finally, share how you will use your experience and learnings at Yale to make a specific impact in your future role.

Finally, Yale has retained its video essay.

Candidates will receive the video questions after submitting their applications. Click here for Personal MBA Coach’s video essay guidance.

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