Scott Edinburgh
April 5, 2023

How to Choose Between Multiple MBA Acceptances

Accepted to Multiple schools

This year, many of Personal MBA Coach’s clients are fortunate to have received an MBA acceptance from multiple top business schools. If you are in the position of choosing between multiple MBA programs, congratulations! We know it can be a tough decision, but it is also an exciting one. Much like selecting the schools you want to apply to, picking the right business school to attend takes a good deal of time and contemplation.

Below, Personal MBA Coach has shared some key factors for you to consider in order to help simplify the MBA decision-making process. These tips apply whether you are just starting out the school selection process or have already gotten an MBA acceptance from two or more of your dream schools.

1) Pay attention to culture

Culture is key to having a fulfilling and worthwhile MBA experience. Are you seeking a small tight-knit campus where students live and study nearby? Are collaborative learning teams important to you? Do you want a larger environment where the whole city is your campus? As you evaluate the schools you have gotten into, ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your decision.

Chances are you have already spoken to multiple current students and alumni at your target schools (if not, reach out now!). Consider these interactions carefully as well. Pick the school where interactions felt most natural and where you could picture yourself fitting in the best.

2) Consider location and which companies recruit on campus

Of course, you can live wherever you want to after graduation, and companies across the globe will recruit far and wide. However, it has previously been easier to recruit at schools that are closer geographically to your dream short-term location.

Similarly, out of the schools you were accepted to, which ones do your target companies reach out to for recruitment? It will make your life easier if your dream company comes to campus. You also may want to look into which speakers talk at the different campuses.

3) Think about curriculum and offerings

Take a moment to think about your post-MBA goals. Of the MBA programs you are deciding between, whose offerings are the best fit? Think about which school will give you the ability to study what you need to achieve your goals.

This is another instance where Personal MBA Coach suggests reaching out to alumni and current students to learn about these offerings firsthand. Though you likely did a fair amount of research prior to applying, you may learn about new clubs, programs, and elements of the curriculum that will help you come to a decision.

4) Look at MBA rankings

Of course, reputation is important, but it is not everything. Still, if you have explored culture, location, and areas of expertise and are still undecided, you may benefit from looking at the rankings of the schools you have gotten into.

If you are wondering how much emphasis you should place on business school rankings, get Personal MBA Coach’s insight here.

5) Factor in scholarship offers

If funding your MBA is a concern, scholarships might play a large role in your final school selection. Did one program offer you significantly more money than the rest? If so, think about where funding falls on your list of priorities. If you are in a position to pay on your own, scholarship offers should not be the be all end all.

For those looking to maximize their chances of receiving a scholarship, check out Personal MBA Coach’s scholarship blog.

6) Trust yourself to make the right decision

While all of the above factors can help you evaluate your choices, Personal MBA Coach also encourages you to go with your gut when choosing which MBA acceptance to go with. Is there one school that you keep picturing yourself at even if you cannot fully articulate why? Although friends, family, and other external sources can be useful in the decision-making process, choosing which MBA program to attend is ultimately your decision. Trust your instinct here.

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