April 13, 2021


I decided to turn to Personal MBA Coach because I knew I needed support and structure in order to get through the MBA application process. From studying and taking the GRE, to writing essays, to coordinating recommendations, there is so much to do. Personal MBA Coach supported me by breaking down these tasks into manageable steps and suggesting what expectations I should have for myself in order to get there. It made a very daunting process much more doable.

Testing has never been a strength of mine, so that was far and away the hardest part. Personal MBA Coach did a great job in laying out what needed to be done on my end in order to reach my goal. They also gave tips on how to study while also managing a full-time job. In the end, my score on the GRE increased about 12 points from my initial practice test. I’m so appreciative of the support I received on what was the most difficult part of the application process for me!

Beyond the work around GRE studying, it was so helpful to have Personal MBA Coach’s support on my essays. Though I consider myself a solid writer, it was unbelievably helpful to have someone look at my writing objectively. Having that extra set of eyes for clarity took my writing to the next level. Throughout this process, I wanted someone who I could get guidance and structure from that I knew would always be in my corner, and that was Personal MBA Coach and the team!