Scott Edinburgh
November 29, 2023

How to Approach the 2023-2024 Consortium Essays

Tips on writing the 2022-2023 consortium essays

Are you interested in applying to business school via The Consortium? The next deadline is just over a month away. Since 1966, The Consortium has offered over $465 million in merit-based fellowships to MBA students across the country.

The Consortium was founded under the mission of equipping African American men with the business skills required to land positions in American corporations. In 1970, Consortium membership opened up to women, as well as Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

In 2004, membership opportunities expanded to encompass all U.S. citizens and permanent residents of any race or ethnicity who are committed to The Consortium’s mission of “helping to reduce the serious underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in both our member schools’ enrollments and the ranks of management.”

Below, please find this year’s deadlines, along with Personal MBA Coach’s tips on how to tackle the Consortium MBA application essays.

The 2023-2024 Consortium Deadlines are:

Consortium Early Application Deadline: Oct. 15, 2023

Consortium Traditional Application Deadline: Jan. 5, 2024

Consortium Admission Decision and Fellowship Notification: Varies by school

Personal MBA Coach’s Consortium Essay Tips

Consortium Core Essay 1: Please describe your short- and long-term goals post-MBA. How has your professional experience shaped these goals and influenced your decision to pursue an MBA degree? (2,000 characters max)

For this first core Consortium essay, with 300 or so words, you want to mention your specific short- and long-term goals and connect how your work thus far has prepared you for and cemented your belief in those goals.

For example, “Working in environmental consulting has strengthened my conviction in the need for XXX and my commitment to make the world a better place.” You can even mention how your goals are suited to you personally: “My appreciation for the beauty of nature continues unabated and feeds my interest in preserving this world for future generations.” To find out more on how to think about and articulate your goals, check out: How to Think About Your MBA Goals.

Consortium Core Essay 2: (Optional Essay): Is there any other information you would like to share with us that is not presented elsewhere in your application? (1,000 characters max)

We recommend using this optional Consortium essay only for special or extenuating circumstances that you do not have occasion to mention elsewhere: gaps in employment, poor academic performance one year, or a personal crisis that affected your life. For more insights, read this blog.

Consortium Membership Application Essays

Our mission, through the strength of our growing alliance and extended network, is to enhance diversity and inclusion in global business education and leadership by striving to reduce the significant underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in both our Member Schools’ enrollments and the ranks of global management across the following sectors: for-profit corporations, nonprofit corporations, government agencies and contractors, and entrepreneurial ventures in both for-profit and nonprofit environments.

Please address the three essay questions using specific examples pertaining to our target populations and clearly articulate your involvement, action, and results.

What have you done pre-MBA in your business, personal, or academic life to demonstrate commitment to this mission? (2,000 characters max)

In this short Consortium essay (about 300 words) you want to establish the first part of the continuum of your commitment to diversity and inclusion: what you have done so far. With limited space, get to the specifics quickly. It does not matter if it is in the realm of business or a student or civic organization: the important thing is that you show the leadership skills you employed and the contribution of your ideas in carrying out this important mission.

What will you do while enrolled in your MBA program to demonstrate your commitment to the mission? (2,000 characters max)

Since you have already established your record on diversity and inclusion in the previous Consortium essay, here, again, with about 300 words at your disposal, you want to go directly into what you plan to do during your MBA to continue in that mission. This is your chance to mention clubs, classes, or other programs where you will put yourself in a position to effect change, to lead, and/or to catalyze dialogue. Show not only how you will apply your experience to something but also what you hope to learn that could enrich your contribution to the mission in the future.

What will you do post-MBA with respect to community service and leadership involvement to demonstrate your continued commitment to The Consortium’s missions of diversity and inclusion? (1,000 characters max)

This Consortium essay is even shorter, so in this brief space connect the final piece: In your future role, how will you contribute to diversity and inclusion in your workspace or field? Cite specific ideas. Generalities such as “In my role I will hire more diverse employees” will not suffice.

In terms of community service, if you already are very committed to an organization or a type of community service, say how you will strengthen that with your newly gained insight. If not, think about how you will seek a new avenue to contribute to diversity and inclusion. As always, be specific.

Looking for guidance during the Consortium MBA application process? Personal MBA Coach is here to help you maximize your chances of admission via our comprehensive packages.