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March 16, 2022

MBA Candidate Success Spotlight: 2021/2022 Dartmouth MBA Admit

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Wondering how to get into business school? While, naturally, there is no one answer, find out how this Personal MBA Coach client got accepted into Dartmouth Tuck, how they chose the ideal MBA program, the hardest parts of the MBA application process and more!

If you are planning on applying to Dartmouth Tuck or other business schools this fall, now is the time to begin working on your round 1 applications! If you think a Dartmouth MBA might be right for you, check out our tips for tackling the 2021-2022 Dartmouth MBA essays.

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Dartmouth Tuck Class of 2024 Candidate Profile Overview:

MBA Program: Dartmouth Tuck

Gender/Nationality: Male/Indian

Years of Experience: 7

GMAT: 740

Pre-MBA Experience: Sales Strategy

Education: Top Public Indian University

GPA: High 80s

Candidate Q&A:

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

Candidate: An MBA would open my career options and would provide me with an opportunity to change my industry. Moreover, I aspired to be a part of a global community and build life-long personal and professional networks.

Personal MBA Coach: What was the hardest part of the application process?

Candidate: Definitely the essays! The essays are a great opportunity to reflect on the most important moments of your life and create a brand for yourself. The process can be overwhelming at times but with the help of Personal MBA Coach, I was able to tie the different aspects of my life into a comprehensive and well-thought-out story.

Personal MBA Coach: How did you decide on which schools to apply to?

Candidate: Research and some more research! Each school has its strengths and a unique experience to offer. Understanding how the school aligns with your ambitions and personality is key to deciding on which schools one should apply to. Personal MBA Coach did help me narrow my list with a great combination of stretch, competitive and safe schools.

Personal MBA Coach: What was the biggest surprise for you throughout the application process?

Candidate: I think the quantum of work and reiterations I needed to put in to complete my applications on time was the biggest surprise for me. Coupled with an intense job, the amount of work can get overwhelming. Personal MBA Coach’s structured approach to applications helped me complete each subpart of the process on time, track my progress, and eventually submit the right number of applications, not compromising on the quality of any.

Personal MBA Coach: Why did you decide to turn to Personal MBA Coach for help?

Candidate: Initially, the numerous success stories from Personal MBA Coach caught my eye. After my initial discussion with Scott, I was convinced that Personal MBA Coach would be ideal for me to achieve my MBA ambitions. Within the first 30 minutes, Scott understood my personal story and requirements, providing honest and candid feedback on the same.

Personal MBA Coach: How did Personal MBA Coach help you?

Candidate: Scott is fantastic in understanding your personal requirements and tailoring his advice and feedback to get the most out of your applications. Right from the initial conversation with him to the mock interview with the Personal MBA Coach team, I received honest and invaluable tips to enhance my personal story, eventually enabling me to get admission in a top school. The application process can be intimidating but Scott demystified each step of the application, with ‘round-the-clock availability and pinpoint recommendations to improve each part of the application. 100% recommend!!

Personal MBA Coach: Do you have any final advice for prospective candidates?

Candidate: Start! It’s easier said than done, but I can assure you that a conversation with Scott is the right first step toward the application process.

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