Scott Edinburgh
October 18, 2023

10 Tips to Ace Your MBA Admissions Interview

Tips to Ace Your MBA Admissions Interview

Being invited to an interview with a business school is exciting and impressive. After completing resumesessays and applications, your interview is the next big step in the application process. An interview is a vital part of this process and being prepared can help you get the acceptance you are hoping for. Review our tips to succeed in a business school interview to discover ways you can prepare for your big day.

1. Know Your Resume

Identify your strongest achievements and have your supporting stories ready. These stories and accomplishments will be the main selling points you can reference to catch your interview’s attention. Your interviewer may ask questions about any portion of your resume, so be prepared to contribute to the conversation and provide exceptional experience details.

2. Prepare in Advance

Preparing is one of the best ways to walk confidently into your MBA interview. Understand the interview process and anticipate the questions you may receive. Research the program and connect with others who can give you information about what to expect.

3. Practice Interview Questions

Practice makes perfect and you will benefit from practicing your interview beforehand. Find interview questions online or ask a friend to conduct a practice interview with you. The more experience you have with these questions, the more confident you will feel when you walk into the interview.

4. Bring Positive Questions

One of the best MBA interview tips is to spend time noting worthwhile questions. Ensure you do not ask questions that the school website could answer. Instead, ask specific and meaningful questions. If you know your interviewer’s name before the interview, find them online. Ask them how they shaped their career and personal growth or about the program’s strengths.

5. Research the Program

Always investigate your top programs or schools. Search social media, email professors and ensure your values align with the school. Consider visiting your top choices to get a feel for the community culture. Campus visits allow you to connect with instructors and other students who can give insight into the interview process.

Articulate Your MBA Goals

6. Articulate Your Goals

Admissions want to know what makes you unique. Explain your career path and walk your interviewer through your path to success. Discuss significant career moves and risks. Articulate your steps to get to your current position and where you plan to go next. Show your passion by connecting past experiences with where you want to be in the future.

7. Recognize Interview Importance

In this digital age, your interview may be virtual. However, your setting does not lessen the importance. You should prepare the same whether your interview is virtual or in-person by wearing appropriate clothing, speaking confidently and making eye contact with your interviewer.

8. Understand the MBA Landscape

Each school or program will have a different interview process, and industry professionals use various interview techniques. For example, you may meet with an alum who has seen your resume or have an interview where one person converses with you and another observes. Additionally, you may be able to work with a team and exhibit industry knowledge. Prepare for all interview types to get a leg up.

9. Have Consistent Answers

Your interviewer may or may not have reviewed your application. They will likely ask you questions similar to those you answered on your application. Ensure you are honest in all responses, so what you say is cohesive with what’s on your written application.

10. Follow up Afterwards

Some schools will have a formal follow-up process, while others will not. If your interview discusses the next steps in the process, take notes and mark your calendar. Then, present thank you notes to any alum or professors who helped you through the process. If you do not have contact information, send the card to a general mailing address for them.

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