Scott Edinburgh
February 27, 2019

Personal MBA Coach’s MBA Decision Making Guide

Considering an MBA? There is no shortage of decisions to be made. When should you go? Which program type is the best fit: Full-time? Part-Time? EMBA? Which schools should you apply to? 

Naturally, there are no easy answers to any of these questions. Personal MBA Coach is here to help with our free MBA Decision Making Guide eBook, guiding you through 3 key decision making steps.

Below is a preview of what is included in this guide!

Decision 1: When Should I Apply?

If you are just beginning the process and wondering if now is the right time to apply, ask yourself if one or more of these statements rings true for you.

You already have 2-4 years of pre-MBA experience.
You have reached a plateau at work.
You are ready to switch careers.
Your personal situation makes it a good time to become a student. 

If so, this can be a good sign that you should pull the trigger sooner vs. later.

Decision 2: Which Program Type Is Best For Me?

Our guide covers 4 key MBA program options and helps you to assess which is right for you:

1)    Full-Time MBA – Most common program for mid-career professionals and those who value an internship and/or are looking to switch careers.
2)    Part-Time MBA – Perfect for those who are unable to take time off from work and do not require an internship.
3)    Executive MBA – Tailored towards experienced professionals with strong leadership experience. In some cases, however, applicants with 5-7 years of experience can go to certain EMBA programs.
4)    Early Action/Deferral Programs – An option for current college students looking to get a jump start on their MBA applications. An increasing number of schools are offering such a program.

Decision 3: Which Schools Should I Apply To?

Arguably the hardest decision you will make, our MBA Decision Making Guide dedicates 3 sections to this very question. Included are our thoughts on how to use (and how not to use) MBA rankings and our 6 tips for MBA program selection:

1)    Begin with the statistics – but use them only as a guide!
2)    Go broad – our average client applies to at least 5 schools.
3)    Pay attention to culture.
4)    Look carefully at the curriculum and program – consider core curriculum, flexibility, international opportunities.
5)    Explore areas of excellence – while all schools provide strong general management training, consider specific strengths and weaknesses.
6)    Consider location – both in terms of on-campus life and ease of recruiting. 

Get more details on each of these crucial MBA Application decisions by downloading our MBA Decision Making Guide today!

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