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Should You Get an MBA? Now? Find Out.

Round 1 application deadlines are just around the corner and some of you contemplating an MBA have not yet pulled the trigger. You may think you are not ready. Here are some key indicators to help you decide if now is the right time to apply. If you have taken the GMAT/GRE (or think you could do so in time) and some or all of the following ring true, consider kickstarting your application process

1. You are ready to switch careers. Switching careers and writing your business school applications at the same time can be tricky. While it works for some to change industries or functions pre-MBA, post-MBA is a great time to switch careers for most applicants. In many ways, an MBA is the great equalizer and post-MBA students often start at a similar level to each other. If you want to switch careers, an MBA is a great place to start!

2. Now is a good time to become a student. Going back to school full-time is a major lifestyle change. Your own circumstance can be a big factor in this decision. Is your partner going back to school and it will be easier to study together? Perhaps personally you are looking to make a big move or change. If you saved up enough money and think that you will want a break in mid-2019, consider that applying now means you would start a year from now.

3. You have plateaued at work. Do you feel stuck at your current level? Do you need an MBA or advanced degree to reach the next step in your career? If you feel that you have learned all you can in your current role, not only will additional experience be less likely to help you, but it may limit your options. If you feel you are close to plateauing, it might be the time to apply.

4. You have 4-5 years of pre-MBA experience. The average applicant has approximately 5 years of pre-MBA experience. After 6+ years, your chances of admission begin to decrease slightly each year. However, do not worry if you are already there as we have many more experienced applicants who also get in. We can craft a story to explain your roles to date. That said, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will run out of time to give your dream school your best shot. So consider shooting for the stars, now!

Need help? We know it’s a daunting process and Personal MBA Coach is here to help you! Founded by a Wharton and MIT graduate, we regularly help applicants navigate their applications each year. We also conduct mock interviews with former M7 and top 10 interviewers on our team.

Personal MBA Coach has been guiding candidates through all aspects of the MBA application process for 10 years with a 96% success rate. Call us today at 617-645-2424 or email at for a free consultation on your profile along with how we can help make your career dreams a reality!

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