claire cahill
February 10, 2022

3 School Admit

I had an excellent experience working with Scott, MJ and Nicole. From my initial phone call, Scott was direct, informed and honest. He helped me craft a target list of schools to suit my ability and background. Though he is at every step supportive, he’s unusual in that his feedback is consistently candid. He does not sugarcoat. In a process as nebulous as MBA applications, this was much appreciated. I knew the minimum score I needed to hit on my GMAT and how I needed to position myself for each school.

Once you begin preparing for interviews, you’ll meet MJ and Nicole, who are best-in-class. They bring incredible experience and can walk you through exactly what to expect at every school on your list. Not to mention they’re wonderful people, kind and encouraging.

I was accepted to 3 of my 5 schools, receiving scholarships at two. I came into the process not knowing how to succeed. Thankfully, the entire PMC team made sure I was prepared throughout. They want you to win and will put in the time necessary to make sure you do.