erin wand
January 13, 2023

Tutoring Client

I worked with two tutors prior to working with PMC to improve my quant score. After hours and hours and hundreds of practice problems, creeping up on $1,000 in expenses, I had essentially just re-learned Algebra. I discovered PMC during the MBA Tour and enlisted their tutoring services. I was paired with Nick who would turn out to be the single greatest educator I have ever encountered; not even a slight exaggeration. He was concise in his instructions and was able to (and I still have no idea how he did this) figure out exactly where the gaps were in my understanding of the material. I’m convinced Nick can teach calculus to a golden retriever. If you do decide to utilize PMC’s tutoring services, you would be crazy not to specifically ask to work with Nick. I guarantee he will make sure you fully understand the material and in addition to that, he knows how to “beat the test”; he has an uncommonly strong understanding of the convoluted GMAT scoring. I started with a 550 and regularly score 770+ on practice exams. If you’re still not convinced, Nick made time to help me out when I was feeling a little panicked while he was on vacation (twice) and tutored me the very morning he proposed to his girlfriend, irrefutable evidence that he genuinely wants his students to succeed.
He’s also an MBA candidate himself so he understands what candidates are working through and working toward when studying for this beast of a test.
Along with clearly capable tutors, PMC has a number of videos and lessons that provide far beyond what you’ll get from combing through manhattan prep and similar textbooks; it’s exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less.