erin wand
February 2, 2023

Chicago Booth, Wharton & Kellogg ’25 Admit

An investment that is worth every penny: Scott and his team were an absolutely amazing resource for tying together my application package. The strength of his program provided me with a feeling of insurance that I was showing MBA admissions boards the best-written version of myself. The Personal MBA Coach editors on staff that you have full access to are extremely responsive and interactive when it comes to articulating your ideas and crafting your “story” into a written essay format. The editor that worked with me would return comments on my writing typically within 24-48hrs, dramatically easing the iteration process as well as any stress associated with application timelines. Furthermore, Scott’s proofreader milestone in which finalized essays are scrubbed to perfection provides you with strong reassurance that the pieces of your application are truly ready when it comes time to actually click the “SUBMIT” button. Most importantly, Scott is incredibly available for a gut-check conversation whenever needed. He is quick to chat with you and answer any concerns you may have. The Personal MBA Coach team does an incredible job working through your written products while Scott, himself, provides great big-picture consulting guidance for navigating the application cycle. Tremendous resource.