Darya Smirnova
April 8, 2024

Chicago Booth ’26

Hello everyone! I wanted to share an excellent resource to fellow MBA applicants. I was admitted to Booth’s class of 2026, and I know without Personal MBA Coach this would not have happened. I used Personal MBA Coach to support me during the essay writing and interviewing process. I worked with MJ for my essay writing and I cannot recommend her enough. As the former Director of Admissions at Wharton, she is an expert at refining applications to be extremely precise and clear to an admissions committee at the world’s top MBA programs. I entered the process unaware that my essay was imprecise and lacked direction. Through working with MJ, I not only left with a clear MBA essay, I did deep reflection as to what exactly I want to do with my career and precisely how an MBA will help me get there. I worked with Skyler for my interview preparation. He helped me organize my thinking to help me communicate my ideas clearly for an interviewer to follow. I left every interview feeling extremely confident and optimistic about the results. I am over the moon with my Booth acceptance, and I am eternally grateful to Personal MBA Coach. Best of luck to ­all of you on your MBA journey!­