Darya Smirnova
February 15, 2024

Chicago Booth, CBS and Yale SOM ’26 Admit w $180K in Scholarship Money

When I decided to pursue an MBA, the option of choosing a coach was not easy but The Personal MBA Coach and Scott were the perfect choice. I had a very ambitious list of schools I was interested in. And once the process started, they immediately dove in to help shape my story, ensuring it was both authentic and compelling for the programs I applied to. They struck a perfect balance between edits while allowing me to maintain ownership of my narrative. Their guidance also helped me present my achievements in the best possible light while instilling confidence in my story. I was incredibly proud of my essays and short questions by the end of it.

Their support during the interview process also played a crucial role, the mock interviews were a great tool that offered detailed feedback that made me feel confident and ready for the actual interview.

Ultimately, I received admission offers from four schools with scholarship offers—an outstanding outcome for any MBA aspirant.

Scott provided helpful support throughout the entire application process, guiding me in the right direction. His support was invaluable, and I am deeply grateful to him and his team for their assistance.