Darya Smirnova
February 7, 2023

Columbia Business School & NYU Stern ’25 Admit

I had a wonderful experience working with Scott and his team! I’ve been admitted to my top choice M7 school and received a full scholarship at another school. I had initial consultations with several other consulting services but chose to work with Scott because I felt he was the most honest and genuine when analyzing my profile. He offered unbiased feedback on my school goals and gave me suggestions on how to boost my application by pushing myself harder on the GMAT and taking the time to dive deeper into my extracurriculars. When I was ready to apply a year later I knew exactly who I wanted to work with. I chose to work with Scott through my entire application and each part (essays, resume, letter of recommendation, etc.) had a strategy and framework which took all the guesswork out of the application for me. Essay and resume editing were extremely easy and I felt it was truly collaborative. He took the time to understand my goals and story so I always received very clear feedback with suggestions on how to more effectively communicate my interests and highlight different parts of my story depending on the school’s prompts. I also really enjoyed the interview prep process and found the feedback from each of my prep sessions invaluable in boosting my confidence and giving me frameworks to use to thoughtfully answer questions. Everybody on the team was a pleasure to work with! I would absolutely recommend Scott to anyone looking to apply for an MBA! His process took all the guesswork out of my application process and he genuinely cares about supporting your goals!